10 Best Fifth Wheels

Written by Amber Shae.
Written by Amber Shae from ExploreUSA RV


What is a Fifth Wheel?

A fifth wheel is a type of RV that is towed by a vehicle using a fifth wheel hitch, which is built into the bed of a truck, or a Gooseneck hitch, which fits on a ball that is installed into the bed of a truck. A fifth wheel RV is essentially a larger version of a travel trailer, with the main differences being how they are towed and what they are towed with, larger interior height, larger outside storage space, and higher price point.
Fifth wheels are a great RV choice because they are generally easier to tow than a traditional travel trailer and offer more space and amenities. In addition to their innovative towing capabilities, the increased underneath storage makes long trips or full-time RV living a breeze. One of the greatest conveniences that make a fifth wheel ideal over a motorhome is the ability to unhook a tow vehicle from the RV and travel to other destinations with ease.
If a fifth wheel sounds like a great option for you and/or your family, you’ve come to the right place! We are going to cover the 10 best (with a bunch of bonus options!) fifth wheels in different categories. This top ten fifth wheel list should give you a good idea of what to look for in an RV and how to narrow down your search depending on what is important to you.
If you are still feeling undecided about which type of RV is right for you, swing back to our Ultimate Guide to Buying an RV to start with the basics and learn about each type of RV.


Winnebago's The Road Ahead

How Did We Choose Our Top 10?

Now that we’ve talked a little about fifth wheels and why they are an awesome RV choice, let me introduce myself. My name is Amber and I have been selling RVs for over 4 years. I am passionate about helping people find the right RV for their unique adventures so they can live their life to the fullest.
With my experience working with RV owners, I’ve learned a lot about what is most important to people, depending on their lifestyle and goals, when considering which RV to buy. With that in mind, this article details 10+ fifth wheels that my customers have found to be functional, affordable, and reliable.
Ready for my top ten?

Best Fifth Wheel for a Couple

Vanleigh Vilano 370GB


Why a Fifth Wheel for Couples?

If you are going to travel (or live) in a fifth wheel with your significant other, you probably want two things: a large bedroom and a large bathroom. The Vanleigh Vilano 370GB has a spacious king bed, a double vanity in the bathroom (this is rare in a fifth-wheel), plus a large closet, and a wine bar. This RV gives you practicality and luxury. There is room for one person to watch TV on the couch while the other works at the kitchen table or takes an afternoon nap in the bedroom. This RV is a favorite among couples looking to travel together.
Why We Love It:

  • Beverage/wine bar
  • King Bed
  • Double Sink in bathroom
  • Large closet
  • Dresser in bedroom

    Runner up: Grand Design Reflection 337RLS



    Best Fifth Wheel for Kids

    Grand Design Reflection 311BHS


    Why a Fifth Wheel for Kids?

    If you have a child or multiple children, you know storage and sleeping space optimization are paramount. But in addition to that, parents need something affordable so they can still feel comfortable taking their kids to the water park or amusement park as well. The Grand Design Reflection 311 BHS provides plenty of sleeping space with a separate bunkroom, but what’s even more exciting is that it has a half bathroom in the bunkroom. If you’re a parent you know how far a second toilet can go for providing peace of mind (and possibly your sanity.) This particular RV also has an outdoor kitchen, which is great for multitasking; you can let the kids play outside and cook a delicious meal. All in all, this is the most popular fifth wheel choice for families of four or more.
    Why We Love It:

  • Bunk room
  • Bath and a half
  • Affordable
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Double door fridge

    Runner up: Grand Design Solitude 3740BH



    Best Fifth Wheel for Full-Time Living

    DRV Mobile Suites 40KSSB4


    Why a Fifth Wheel for Full-Time Living?

    If you are going to purchase an RV for full-time living, a fifth wheel is a great choice because you can detach your vehicle and still use it while the RV is parked. Additionally, if you want to live in a fifth wheel full-time, you probably want some more high-end, sustainable features in the RV since you will be using it every day of the year. The DRV Mobile Suites  is warrantied for full-time living which is an awesome perk. It’s also built to last and withstand 365-days of use per year. It includes hookups for a washer and dryer, a king bed, and high-end appliances and materials so you can rest easy knowing this RV will keep up with you.
    Why We Love It:

  • Warrantied for full-time living
  • Build quality
  • Side by Side Washer/Dryer closet in the hallway
  • King Bed Standard
  • High-end appliances and materials

    Runner up: Alliance Paradigm 310RL



    Best Fifth Wheel on a Budget

    Forest River Impression 3000RLS


    Why a Budget-Friendly Fifth Wheel?

    We all love a good deal. Sometimes you want to have your cake and eat it, too, and this RV does exactly that. The Forest River Impression 3000RLS is a quality fifth wheel RV for a great price. At that lower price tag you still get a king bed, an exterior kitchen with a grill, a washer/dryer hook up, a sizable living space, and a great bathroom. If you are just starting out on your RV journey this might be a great option for you to get your feet wet and see how the RVing lifestyle suits you.
    Why We Love It:

  • King Bed
  • Sells for under $35k NEW at ExploreUSA
  • Exterior kitchen with grill
  • Washer/Dryer connection
  • Kitchen Island

    Runner up: Crossroads Volante 326RK



    Best Fifth Wheel for Pets

    Highland Ridge Silverstar 374BHS


    Why a Fifth Wheel for Families with Pets?

    If you are a dog (or cat) lover like I am, you know how hard it can be to leave them for long (or short) periods of time. This RV solves that problem by providing a great set-up to bring your fur-children along for the ride! Why, you ask? This Silverstar literally comes with dog bowls built-in. It also has laminate flooring so if there are accidents, they are easier to clean up. The separate bunk room gives you a great option for a sectioned off area for pets to stay while you are out for the day. To top it all off, the Highland Ridge Silverstar even comes with an exterior dog leash hook by the door and two AC units for optimal comfort.
    Why We Love It

  • Dog bowls
  • No carpet downstairs
  • Can use bunk room as a pet room
  • Exterior Dog Leash Hook by the door
  • Two Air conditioners standard

    Runner up: Highland Ridge Silver Star 375RDS



    Best Fifth Wheel for Storage

    Grand Design Solitude 375RES


    Why a Fifth Wheel Optimized for Storage?

    When traveling, some of us just cannot pack light. I’ll admit, I’m guilty of it too. Sometimes we just have more stuff, and that’s ok! If you are one of these people or are going on a long trip, the Grand Design Solitude 375RES is the perfect RV for you. My favorite part is the large tray that pulls out from the back of the RV where the passthrough storage is. This RV also optimizes interior space with a pantry, a large refrigerator, 3 seating areas in the living room (two of which fold out into full beds), and even pass-through storage in the front. This RV is the best for those who have items they need to keep on hand but out of sight.
    Why We Love It:

  • Underneath storage with sliding tray
  • Raised rear living
  • Large closet in the front cap
  • Large pantry
  • Large front pass-through storage

    Runner up: Vanleigh Vilano 385RD



    Best Fifth Wheel for Cooks

    Grand Design Solitude 390RK


    Why a Fifth Wheel for Cooks?

    If you are passionate about cooking and want to enjoy the RV lifestyle, it’s easier than ever to do both! Sometimes we imagine RVs as having the tiniest, most cramped and underwhelming kitchens imaginable, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Nowadays, RVs are equipped with some of the most advanced and high-end appliances and options available. This Grand Design Solitude has tons of counter space (and even a kitchen island), and a convection oven, which is a favorite among many cooks and bakers. This RV also has a massive fridge and pantry so you can keep all your favorite food items on hand. I also love this RV because the cook can still have their own space, but be included in the living room activities because of the open-concept design. A bonus is that whoever the lucky person is that gets to do the dishes at least has a large window to enjoy the beautiful scenery.
    Why We Love It:

  • Plenty of kitchen counter space
  • Large island in the kitchen
  • Sink position
  • Large pantry
  • Big fridge

    Runner up: Redwood 4001LK



    Best Fifth Wheel for Entertaining

    Grand Design Solitude 380FL


    Why a Fifth Wheel for Entertaining?

    If a charcuterie board or smorgasbord of appetizers gets you excited, you might be a great host. If entertaining makes you happy and you want to be able to entertain in your RV, the Grand Design Solitude 380FL might be the perfect fit for you. First of all, it has a full bathroom in the back, but also a half bath in the main living area so guests don’t need to enter your private space for a quick bathroom break. This RV also has tons of seating space so everyone can have their own seat without needing to pull out folding chairs or sit on the floor. The Grand Design also has a really large kitchen, which will make prepping for your parties a breeze. And if guests want to stay the night, there are two tri-fold sofas for them to sleep on (on the opposite side of the RV from the master bedroom, too).
    Why We Love It:

  • Bath and a half
  • Three seating areas in the front living
  • Separated living and kitchen
  • Two tri-fold sofas
  • Large kitchen

    Runner up: Heartland BigHorn 3985RRD



    Best Fifth Wheel for Half-Ton Trucks

    Grand Design Reflection 150 Series 260RD


    Why a Fifth Wheel for a Half-Ton Truck?

    If you are going to buy a fifth wheel or a travel trailer, you need to know exactly how much weight your tow vehicle can handle.  A half-ton truck is on the smaller end (when compared with a ¾ ton and 1-ton trucks), and therefore, you need to be really aware of exactly how much weight it can manage. This particular RV is a good option if you have a half-ton because it is one of the lighter weight fifth wheels available, hence the “150 Series” name. Being light doesn’t mean this Grand Design makes you  sacrifice on quality or amenities. It still has a huge fridge, a queen bed, theatre seating with heated and massage seats, a kitchen table, and a sizable kitchen and bathroom. It also has a hitch designed for short bed trucks, which can come in handy. (Always refer to your truck manufacturer/dealership for your truck’s exact towing capabilities.)
    Why We Love It:

  • Approx 7,300 dry weight
  • 12 CU. double door fridge
  • 78” theatre seating with massage and heated seats
  • Large u-shaped lounge dinette
  • Hitch designed for short beds

    Runner up: Grand Design Reflection 150 Series 240RL



    Best Fifth Wheel for RV Enthusiasts

    Alliance Paradigm 370 FB


    Why a Fifth Wheel for RV Enthusiasts?

    The Alliance Paradigm 370FB is the result of feedback and input from thousands of RVers. RV enthusiasts from all over gave their opinions via the brand’s Facebook page and Alliance has made it their mission to address as many of their concerns as possible and create a brand with the best features and options on the market without the problems many RVers experience on a daily basis. To create the Paradigm, Alliance had a team of industry experts to take those concerns and create an RV for RVers inspired by real RVers. The result is a luxurious, spacious and functional fifth wheel that has been extremely successful since its debut in January 2020. The Paradigm has a 4 burner stove with residential-size oven, an 18 cu ft fridge, 1 ½ baths, soft close doors, drawers, and toilet seats, and no carpet anywhere (even on the slides!) If you want to own an RV made by RVers just like you, look no further.
    Why We Love It:

  • First “crowd-sourced” RV
  • No carpet
  • Bath and a half
  • Features/Options and floorplan picked by real RVers
  • 4 burner stove and a LARGE oven

    Runner up: Vanleigh Beacon 39GBB



    How to Choose the Best RV for You

    I hope this gives you a good place to start with your fifth wheel search with my list of 10 best fifth wheels on the market today. The number of brands and floor plans out there can feel overwhelming, so any way to narrow your options down can help. If you are still feeling unsure about how to pick the best RV floor plan, take a look at my article on How to Choose an RV Floorplan for You. 

    Have More Questions About RVs?

    If you have more questions about RVs after reading this article, we are here to help. We have tons of readily available resources for you to utilize to help make researching and buying an RV a stress-free, enjoyable experience.
    Start with some of these articles:

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  • Tips for First Time RV Buyers
  • The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Fifth Wheel
  • What is the Total Cost of Owning an RV?


    Fifth wheels are a versatile and affordable option for RVers. The fifth wheels we covered in this article are some of my customer’s favorites and these are the RV brands that I recommend to my friends and family. If you are ready to learn more about a specific RV, take a look at the available inventory in your area.

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