10 Best Travel Trailers

10 Best Travel Trailers (2020)

Written by Amber Shae.
Written by Amber Shae from ExploreUSA RV



In the vast sea of Travel Trailer RV options, a few stand out from the crowd for their exceptional design, unique features, and affordable prices. During my 4 years of RV sales, I’ve learned which ones are the most popular and why.
Curious which ones made the list?
Here they are, broken down into the most common categories, with the reasons why our RVers love them the most!

1) Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer


Grand Design Transcend 32BHS



Why A Bunkhouse Travel Trailer?

Bunkhouse refers to a style of travel trailer that has 2 or more sets of bunk beds. Usually, the bunk beds are in the rear of the RV. The most valuable aspect of a bunkhouse travel trailer is the ability to sleep more people in a smaller space. Not only does the Transcend 32BHS have a bath and a half, it also comes with an outdoor kitchen and two separate entrances, which make it an ideal bunkhouse option at a reasonable weight.
Why We Love It:

  • Bath and a half
  • 2 AC
  • 2 entrances
  • Sleeps 8
  • Only 1 slide


2) Best Travel Trailer for Couples


Cruiser Radiance 25RB


Why a Travel Trailer for Couples?

Traveling with your significant other and a travel trailer is a great way to bond and share new memories together. When a couple is looking for a travel trailer for just the two of them, a spacious bathroom and a big bed tend to be the most popular features they want. The Radiance 25RB gives you a rear bathroom with plenty of counter space and all Radiance RVs have a king bed! The walk in pantry, additional clothing hanging space in the bedroom, and 2 air conditioners (standard feature) make this one a must-see on your RV shopping journey.
Why we love it:

  • King Bed
  • Walk In Pantry
  • Big Bathroom
  • Extra bedroom hanging space
  • 2 AC


3) Best Travel Trailer for the Money


 Heartland Prowler 240RB


Why an Affordable Travel Trailer?

Budget can be a common road block for people entering the RV lifestyle, but it doesn’t have to be if you don’t find luxury features like a king bed or walk in pantry necessary. Sometimes simple and practical is best! What makes a travel trailer budget-friendly? Some brands are inherently less expensive, but sometimes skipping the fancy amenities can help save money. This particular travel trailer does an excellent job giving you the important items, like a separate master bedroom and a large bathroom, while leaving out the non-essentials, like granite countertops or a second bathroom.
Why we love it:

  • Big Bathroom
  • Seperate Bedroom
  • Stainless Steel Appliances
  • NEW under $20k
  • Double axle


4) Best Travel Trailer for Full-Time Living


Grand Design Reflection 315RLTS


Why Travel Trailer for Full-Time Living?

Travel trailers are a great option for full time living. The most notable benefit is being able to travel instead of being tied down to a permanent house. The Reflection 315RLTS tops our list for best full-time travel trailer because it goes the extra mile to bring in features you would have at a more traditional, stationary home, like multiple AC units, a larger bedroom and closet, a washer and dryer hookup and extra fridge space. Also, the Grand Design brand doesn’t void your warranty if you live in it full time!
Why we love it:

  • 2 AC-Race Track Air Conditioning System
  • Full Time Warranty
  • Bedroom slide – big bedroom closet
  • Washer/Dryer hookup
  • Double Door Fridge


5) Best Toy Hauler Travel Trailer


 Grand Design Momentum 29G


Why a Toy Hauler Travel Trailer?

A toy hauler travel trailer is an RV with a garage space in the back. The rear of the trailer opens up into a ramp so you can easily drive or push your extra vehicles (toys) into the garage space. When you are parked and take the toys out, this space duals as a great sleeping or entertaining space as well. The Momentum 29G travel trailer toy hauler is ideal because it has a separate garage and 1 ½ bathrooms at an easy to pull, light weight compared to Fifth Wheel Toy Haulers.
Why we love it:

  • Bath and a half
  • Two slides for more living space
  • Separate garage
  • Onan 4KW Generator included
  • Rear aluminum deck system with rear power awning


6) Best Metal-Sided Travel Trailer


Crossroads Zinger 340RE


Why a Metal-Sided Travel Trailer?

Travel trailers come with aluminum (metal) siding or fiberglass siding. The metal exterior type is good for a few reasons: 1) metal sided-travel trailers have a lower MSRP and 2) metal-sided travel trailers are more malleable and therefore are cheaper and easier to repair in the case of an accident. The Zinger 340RE metal-sided travel trailer topped our list because it has 3 slides for optimal living space, a king bed, and the most beloved comforts of home like a wine cooler and a kitchen island!
Why we love it:

  • King Bed
  • Big Closet
  • Washer/Dryer Prep
  • Wine Cooler
  • Kitchen Island with barstools


7) Best Fiberglass-Sided Travel Trailer


Grand Design Imagine 2670MK


Why a Fiberglass-Sided Travel Trailer?

Fiberglass travel trailers might be a little more expensive than a metal-sides travel trailer, but with good reason. Fiberglass is easier to maintain, will stay cleaner and look shinier, and typically have an aluminum frame which is lighter than the wood-framed metal-sided counterpart. Fiberglass also retains its resale value more than a metal-sided travel trailer because they not dent as easily and have more longevity. They are lightweight and aerodynamic, which helps drastically with gas mileage. The Imagine 2670MK travel trailer is our top choice because it optimizes living and kitchen counter space while also incorporating extra closet space, an outdoor kitchen, and a desk for workable space.
Why we love it:

  • Telescoping TV
  • Desk
  • Outside Kitchen without bunk beds
  • Extra Hanging closet space
  • Good living and kitchen space


8) Best Travel Trailer for Pets


Highland Ridge Silver Star 328BHS


Why a Travel Trailer for Pets?

If you have a pet, you know how important they are and how hard it can be to find hotels that are pet-friendly. They are members of the family and we want them to share in our adventures, which is why RVing is a great option! Unfortunately, traveling across the country and changing their routine can put stress on a pet. The Silverstar 328BHS was truly built with animals in mind, and your pet will feel more comfortable and at home sooner with features such as built-in pet bowls and a kennel under the master bed. The large size of the bunk room makes it a great playroom or larger kennel space to help your pet feel safe and cozy when you leave.
Why we love it:

  • Kennel under the master bed
  • Bath and a half
  • Dog bowls under the fridge
  • Bunk room = pet room
  • Dog leash clip on the exterior by the front door


9) Best Lightweight Travel Trailer


Grand Design Imagine XLS 22MLE


Why a Lightweight Travel Trailer?

A lightweight travel trailer is the golden goose of the travel trailer world. In RVing, we are always working to balance features and weight. More weight = more money, so less weight = less money, which sounds great, right? The Imagine 22MLE optimizes its space and design to reduce weight wherever it can without compromising on comfort and style. At under 5,500 lbs, this can be towed with a wide variety of tow vehicles. It also has heated/massage recliners, so you’ll be saving money in style.
Why we love it:

  • Under 5,500 dry weight
  • Dual Axle
  • Lots of windows
  • Good kitchen space
  • Heated/massage recliners

    10) Best Travel Trailer for Hunting Season


    Forest River Impression 26BH


    Why a Travel Trailer for Hunting?

    Hunting season is a sacred time for many and hunting leases are popular in many states. In order to maximize on the hunting season without having to sleep in a deer blind or the bed of your truck, you might consider purchasing an RV to bring a little more comfort to the experience. When choosing a travel trailer for hunting, most people don’t want anything too fancy or expensive because the weather and usage can wear on them quickly, so the Impression 26BH is an excellent choice because it sleeps up to 10 people, has an outdoor kitchen, and sells for a very reasonable price!
    Why we love it:

    • Sleeps 7-10 people
    • Separate pantry
    • Outside kitchen
    • Big slide
    • Good bang for the buck



    If any of these travel trailers seem like a good fit for you, check them out on our RV Buying Program where you can see actual dealer inventory online. If you still want to do some more research on travel trailers, we have a Guide to Buying a Travel Trailer, which should answer most of your questions about buying and owning a travel trailer. If you are still unsure about which type of RV you are interested in buying or renting, start out with our RV Buying Guide to get a high-level overview of all the types of RV and what to expect on your purchase (or rental) journey.

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