2019 ATV Holiday Gifts: 7 Best Accessories for ATVs and UTVs

Written by Jordan Stokes.
Need some gift ideas for the daredevils and adventure seekers in your life? We’ve got you covered! We’ve listed 7 of the best accessories for ATVs and UTVs that you can give to your loved ones this holiday season.
Whether they ride an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) to allow for single rides, off-road trails, and quick turns or prefer a helpful Utility Vehicle (UTV) to do more specialized work, we’ve done the research to find the best and most useful accessories.
ATV and UTV manufacturers do their best to make great vehicles for both on and off-road use, but it’s often not enough for the average rider. Even with newer features, riders still end up wanting more, which is where the ATV/UTV accessory market comes in. With products ranging from LED lights to brighten up their night, to winches that can save them when they’re stuck, you are bound to find something for all the riders on your list this year.
Because these off-road vehicles are meant to be used on unpaved (off-road) areas, there are risks involved. This means that certain pieces of protective gear are required in order to ride safely. Make sure your loved ones are equipped with the following safety gear before you move onto the fun stuff!
Because these off-road vehicles are meant to be used on unpaved (off-road) areas, there are risks involved. This means that certain pieces of protective gear are required in order to ride safely. Make sure your loved ones are equipped with the following safety gear before you move onto the fun stuff!

ATV/UTV Safety Tips & Protective Gear

Safety first!

Do they have the right gear to ride? It is recommended that riders wear long sleeves, long pants, and over the ankle boots while they are out there. It doesn’t hurt to have motocross gloves either! Here are a few more safety must-haves for off-road riding.

  • Helmets. If they are on a power sports vehicle, accidents can happen. Make sure your loved ones have a high-quality ATV helmet to keep their head safe from injuries. Helmets should not only be comfortable and durable with the proper fit, but they should also be approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT), and in some cases, certified by SNELL.
  • Goggles.Goggles are a no-brainer, yet so many people forget about them. A simple pair of motocross goggles can protect their eyes from wind, rocks, dirt, dust, branches, and anything else that may come their way on the trail.
  • Simple Toolkit.Everyone needs a simple toolkit to help them when they are in a bind. Toolkits should have a few basic items like a Swiss Army knife, duct tape, a trail map, a tire pressure gauge, a multifunctional screwdriver and more. Other items can include a vise grip, an air pump, tire plugs, and anything else to get you back on the trails.
  • Small First-Aid Kit.A first-aid kit should include band-aids, antibiotic ointment, gauze, and more.

Other than long pants, a long sleeve shirt, and boots, you can get them some additional protective gear to keep them safe like an outside chest protector, motocross pants, motocross boots, knee guards, and more.
That’s enough about safety and gear, let’s get to the fun stuff! These 7 accessories for ATVs and UTVs make great gifts.

7 Best Accessories for ATVs and UTVs



  1. Wheels

Everyone could use a new set of wheels for Christmas! Whether you are going for a set of brand new tires or are leaning more towards that lift kit they’ve always wanted, anything to spruce up their ride will make a great gift. New tires and/or a lift kit can run you anywhere from $60-250+.

  1. LED Light Bars

Super-bright LED light bars are great because they can help you see further down the trail at night. Light bars can get pricey but if you shop around, you can find some perfectly useful lights for around 30 bucks. If there are concerns about battery use, they can even wire theirs up to where they don’t need their ATV/UTV to be on to use them, thus saving their battery.

  1. Winch

It’s always a good idea to add a winch to your ATV. Winches help to exert a force that pulls one object toward another using a cable or rope. Winches are best used to get yourself out of sticky situations. For example, you can attach a winch to a tree and get yourself unstuck rather than calling a friend and waiting for them to come to help you. Winches are priced at about $100-200+ with a mounting plate. Keep in mind that sometimes you’ll need to go to the ATV/UTV manufacturer to see if you need a special bracket or mounting plate with some winches. For more information, check out Levy Mayer giving his take on the best atv winches.

  1. Speaker

Who doesn’t love music when they’re out on long adventures or doing chores? Whether it’s a new stereo system, a speaker bar, or a portable speaker, sound systems make great gifts, especially for off-road vehicles. This rugged portable speaker is waterproof, dustproof and mounts to most ATV and UTVs using the bracket (which is included) so they can use it right away!

  1. Roof

This one is mostly for those UTV lovers of yours. While there are many UTV’s that come with a roof as part of their standard equipment, most do not. Roofs, ATV cabs, and roll cages come in around $50-$200+ and are great for protection from rain, snow, sun, and damage, so your favorite thrill-seeker can ride with ease.

  1. Windshield

If they have a roof, they should probably have a windshield. Windshields range from around $150-300+ and offer great protection from dust, wind, bugs and more. There are a few options of windshields, including fixed, folding and tilting. Some offer full protection while others feature a half-shield deflector design. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg, just make sure it’s durable and suits their needs.

  1. Brush Guards and Roll Bars

Brush guards and roll bars are great for protecting not only the vehicle but also the rider. They can also give an ATV a more custom look and protect it from collisions. Having brush guards and roll bars will give them (and you) a piece of mind while they are riding because you never know what may happen out there.
Other ATV accessories that make awesome gifts: Bluetooth helmet communications, side and rear view mirrors, a hitch, a helmet visor, cargo carriers, gear bags, a portable jumper box, and so much more.

Looking for ATVs/UTVs to go with these awesome accessories? Check out our nationwide inventory here.
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