2019 BMW R1250GS Adventure HP

2019 BMW R1250GS Adventure HP Test Ride and Review

Written by The Duke of DC.
Written by The Duke of DC.

A Love Letter to the 2019 BMW R1250GS Adventure HP

Where does one begin when starting a love letter, because trust you and me, that’s exactly what this is going to be. There are pieces of design and engineering that have altered the course of humanity, withstood the tests of time, and above all else, laid a foundation for successors to simply be born. The new 2019 BMW R1250GS Adventure HP (GSA, for short) is one of these monoliths.

The BMW R1250 Engine and Displacement

Integrating BMW’s newly designed 1254cc ShiftCam (variable engine timing) Boxer twin, increasing displacement from the predecessors 1170cc powerhouse, the 2019 GSA is not only more powerful across the board, but it’s also better at every turn. Gone are the days of trading off smooth riding for the inherently choppy Boxer twins torque and off-road ability. Gone are the days of clunky shifting or hunting for the “sweet-spot” in the rev-range.
Upon first glance, the new GSA may look like a moderate improvement over its former glory, but within the first spark of startup, you’ll know that this is something more, 136 horsepower @ 7,750 rpm more, to be exact. Now, of course, no motorcycle is perfect, and we’ll get to the minor annoyances that persists on this model, but as I’ve said before, perfection is boring, and the GSA is anything but boring.
If you are looking for an up-close and personal breakdown of this beautiful bike, watch my Test Drive and Review:


A Motorcycle with Titillating Technology

Aside from the truly heroic engine updates, the BMW R1250GSA HP hosts a myriad of truly titillating tech. The GSA boasts 8.3 inches of suspension travel in the front and 8.7 inches in the rear, a 0.8 inch increase from the standard GS model. The suspension also carries over from the BMW R1200GS Rallye that I adored so much last year, in its Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA) system, which allows riders to choose between three riding heights, opening this bike up to the vertically challenged, like myself. Pre-load, however, can be automatically determined when in “auto” mode, but I still prefer riding in “min” mode to give my legs every chance to reach the pavement on this 35-35.8 inch seat-height tank. Mind you, all this information is delivered clear as can be through the 6.5″ color TFT display with Bluetooth phone connectivity available. The laundry list of items that can be displayed on the TFT screen mirrors your last CVS receipt, oh yeah… it’s that long.

2019 BMW R1250GS Pricing

That brings us to the ultimate question when discussing BMW’s big 1250 adventure machines, GS or GSA? Well at an MSRP of $21,770, the GS edges out the GSA’s $23,595 price tag, but the old adage, “you get what you pay for” stands true here as well. The 2018 Honda Goldwing, a much more comfort-driven bike, starts at $23,500, so the BMW GSA really is in the same pricing ballpark as other machines. Based on the GoRollick data, there are a similar number of GS and GSA bikes in inventory, so you should be able to find the perfect ride for you.

2019 BMW R1250GS MPG

The GSA not only carries greater suspension travel, but also an increased gas tank and, thus, range, from 5.3 gallons on the GS to 7.9 gallons on the GSA. With BMW’s reported 50mpg on the new ShiftCam 1250 Boxer, that’s a maximum range of just shy of 400 miles.
If you’re not jumping for joy after reading that number, then you’re not human.
I mean 400 miles of range?! You could ride for 8 hours traversing all types of land, exploring new worlds, testing the limits of you rather than your bike. Just, wow.

2019 BMW R1250GS Features and Specs

Now features and spec sheets are all hunky dory, don’t get me wrong, but the $23,595 question is: how did it feel?
Well, this is where I come in. I was fortunate enough to take this amazing machine for a test ride through the winding back roads of northwest Maryland, and although my test ride was only a teaser, it still gave me all I needed to know.
For those of you wondering, I spent a majority of the ride in Min suspension mode and Road engine mode. This made the GSA perfectly mannered for pavement riding on a brisk spring morning, and yet I knew that at the flick of a switch (quite literally), the GSA would spark to life in Rider Pro and/or Enduro Pro modes to conquer whatever I could throw at it.
I dream to one day find myself in a proper GSA riding environment with little more than this amazing bike to get me home safely. Speaking of safety, it would be an easy accomplishment given how many safety features come standard on both the GS and GSA models; ABS (Disengageable), ASC (Automatic Stability Control), Dynamic Brake Control, Hill Start Control, and LED lighting all around.
The BMW shift assist for up and down shifting felt improved, but still not the smoothest in the BMW line-up. Alongside my ‘meh’ review of the quickshifter, the manually adjustable windscreen seems out of place on a nearly $24,000 motorcycle, knowing that BMW integrates electronic adjustability in their K1600 models. Perhaps one less thing to break, but nitpicking at its best, so worry not my friends.
One of the more fun updates to this vehicle is the color options. The GS is now available in Cosmic Blue Metallic, which has a teal blue feature on the front of the bike, or there is a sleek red, white and blue racing paint job, a black metallic and black matte combination, and then the standard black metallic BMW look. The GSA is available in the same red, white and blue paint job as the GS (pictured above), there is an option with ice gray features and a red seat, and then there is also a kalamata metallic matte finish. All equally suave, all showstopping. Oh, and did I mention those gold flake powder coat wheels? Throwing it all the way back to the 1970s enduro bikes these technological marvels are based on. Can’t go wrong with that.

Top Speed

The GS and GSA both top out at approximately 135 mph, which, while certainly not the fastest motorcycle in the world, it definitely has some punch. And trust me, 135mph is more than enough to get the blood flowing. For reference, the 2018 Ducati Panigale has 214hp and tops out at 190mph, and the GSA has 136hp. On the complete other end of the spectrum, the 2018 Kawasaki Ninja 400 produces 43.4hp propelling this entry level rocket to an impressive 124mph.

The Final Say

The BMW R1250 GSA is a bike that stops you in your tracks with its sleek design and its stunning performance enhancements. As soon as I put my leg over this bike for a test ride, I knew I would be dreaming about it for nights to come. The GSA is a bike for riders who want the best of everything: tech, performance, speed, comfort, and adventure. The updates to the 2019 version leave you wondering what more you could want, and what BMW might think of next.

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