2019 Ducati Scrambler

2019 Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer Review and First Ride

Written by The Duke of DC.
Written by The Duke of DC.

2019 Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer: Not Just a Scrambler, It’s a Ducati

Over the years, Ducati has changed. We’ve all thought it, we’ve all seen it, and if you’ve ridden one of their newer bikes, you’ve probably felt it, too. They say change is the only constant in life, and although difficult to accept, it’s change that acts as the catalyst for self-improvement.
Ducati has grown. It has listened to its consumers of old, as well as those just coming up in the motorcycle community. The Scrambler series is to Ducati as a Phoenix is to a flame. What was once a thriving household name needed to be reborn and with Ducati’s push back to the top of the industry, the Scrambler series has been there to lay the ever-expanding foundation.
Now I say all of this because at first, I had no interest in the Scrambler. The first models released to the public were kitschy, ill-engineered, scraped together to fill a fad rather than stand as a pinnacle of Italian moto-engineering. Now…  now the Scrambler, and especially in the case of the Cafe Racer, stand out above the rest. This isn’t just a Scrambler, no, it’s a Ducati again.

Overview of the Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer First Ride:

I hadn’t planned on taking out a Duc the day I visited District Cycles, but within moments of stepping into the dealership, the silver tank, old school graphics, 17” spoked wheels, and blue trellis frame caught my eye.
Everything just felt right.
The throttle response was lively and direct. The steering was dialed in, letting you focus on your line, with beautiful turn-in. In most situations, the bike was begging for more. At first, I was hesitant to endorse the Cafe Racer as a bike you could romp around your local track, but much to my chagrin, it’s one of the first places I’d want to take this thing.
Ergonomics were a shining star as the bike felt perfectly balanced in the engaged riding position, yet all joints were pleasantly at ease, and dare I say, even comforted by the relaxed riding position. Wind protection would become a problem on day-long rides, but nothing the mega-extensive in-house aftermarket parts catalog couldn’t fix. All and all, I was so pleasantly surprised by how much this bike felt like the class-leading models Ducati is known for producing.
Watch me take the Scrambler for a spin in my first ride and review video below:


The 2019 Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer Engine and Horsepower:

The Cafe Racer edition carries the middle of the pack Scrambler engine with an 803cc Desmodromic distributed, air-cooled L-Twin producing 73 horsepower at 8.250 rpm, and 49 pound-feet of torque at 5.750 rpm. Identical power figures to that of another popular Scrambler, the Full Throttle edition. Power felt strong throughout the rev range, with a boost of power coming on towards the top end. The 803cc powerhouse feels like the perfect middle ground; bridging the gap for entry level and experienced riders. In a very unique way, I could see someone learning on this Scrambler and growing into it rather than out of it.

What is the Top Speed of the Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer?

All this power leads to a modest top speed of 125 mph for the Cafe Racer, but with its naked look and feel, 125 mph would be more than enough for most. That being said, when you’re riding the Ducati Panigale V4S, the world will blur around you at the astonishing 191 mph, you can read more about that bike here!
2019 ducati scrambler

2019 Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer Specs: Built with Purpose

For 2019, the Scrambler comes with a few notable feature upgrades in the form of: Cornering ABS, Gear Indicator, Fuel Gauge, LED Running Lamp, LED Turn Signals, and a Hydraulic Clutch. The paint scheme has changed for 2019 as the older black on black Cafe Racer has been replaced with a more retro silver and blue, something that I think will be polarizing among purists, but a hit for me for sure.
The additional gauge displays make this bike that much more convenient to use and the hydraulic clutch gives your left hand a break in traffic or high shifting situations. Overall the Cafe Racer feels like it’s been engineered to last. You’re no longer looking at a bike thrown together with leftover parts. The Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer was built with purpose.

How much does a 2019 Ducati Scrambler cost?

The Ducati Scrambler is available in a number of different models, which leads to a fairly significant range of prices. The cheapest Scrambler is the Scrambler Sixty2, starting at a price of $7,995, a staggering $2,500 more than the equally beginner friendly Kawasaki Ninja 400 at just $5,495 (ABS). The most expensive Scrambler is the 1100 Sport, starting at $14,995. As it relates to the Cafe Racer, the price is $11,695. Based on our data, the Cafe Racer is the most popular Ducati and is also the most widely carried model by dealers. As of March 2019, there are still more 2018 models available, but that’s quickly shifting to the 2019 model year. With GoRollick, you can get an upfront, transparent price when you’re ready to buy so make sure to check that out. And if you need to finance the Scrambler, read our definitive guide to motorcycle financing.

2019 Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer MPG

The Cafe Racer tips the scales at a weight of 396.8 lbs (dry) and with all fluids ready-to-ride it sits at just 432 lbs. Compared to the monstrous 591 lb 2019 BMW R1250GSA HP, the Cafe Racer is a very manageable weight for low-speed maneuvering as well as high-speed canyon carving. Going along with its friendly demeanor is the 31.7-inch seat height, combined with the bike’s narrow frame, getting your feet down is a breeze. With a very natural pillion seat available upon rear cowl removal, you can enjoy the Cafe Racer solo or with your favorite co-pilot. Don’t worry about fueling up often as the 3.57-gallon fuel tank, and 41.5 miles per gallon, will get you out to your favorite scenic vistas with a 148-mile range. Not bad for a bike this size. You’ll also have no issues splitting lanes or parking in those narrow spots with this bike’s handlebars coming in at only 34.5 inches.
2019 ducati scrambler

Final Say: A return to the Ducati pedigree

In my First Ride & Review, I emphasized how the Scrambler brand has grown and evolved, and the 2019 Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer showcases this evolution in such a beautiful way. Engineering, design, nostalgia, and an enthusiast’s touch have brought the once off-brand nature of the Scrambler back to the pedigree Ducati is known for. I would be elated to open the garage door to the sight of this Cafe Racer every morning, and in the end, isn’t that all that matters?

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