2019 Honda CBR300R Review and Test Ride


Written by The Duke of DC.
Written by The Duke of DC.

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Overview of the 2019 Honda CBR300R

Few bikes have inspired the two-wheeled mentality like that of the Honda CBR300R. The proverbial trunk of the motorcycle family tree, most riders can trace their roots back to the faithful Honda CBR300R. Entry-level bikes have been a popular segment recently for me, and it’s only been within these last few months that I’ve begun to understand the mass appeal. These lightweight, low cost, highly capable machines check all the boxes for me, and the 2019 Honda CBR300R stands tall on that list. With Honda reliability, impressive economy, a powerful single, and a $4,699 base MSRP, you’ll struggle to find faults in this modern classic.
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The 2019 Honda CBR300R Top Speed, Engine, and HP

In production since 2015 as a successor to theHonda CBR250R, the 2019 Honda CBR300R increases displacement to a 286cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine producing 30.4 hp (22.7 kW) @ 8,500 rpm and 20 lb⋅ft (27 N⋅m) @ 7,250 rpm. I’ve been lucky enough to ride motorcycles with seven times the horsepower and five times the torque, but I stand by the fact that it’s not about how much power you have, it’s about how you use the power. The power on the 2019 Honda CBR300R gives the rider access to more forgiving and predictable throttle response and an estimated 100mph top speed. You’ll never have to sacrifice power for a platform to learn the fundamentals of riding.

2019 Honda CBR300R Price

The 2019 Honda CBR300R retails with an MSRP of $4,699, which I would consider a bargain. You get an excellent bike that has everything you need and you might still be able to afford some shiny upgrades as well. The CBR300R also comes in an ABS model, which as I discussed earlier, adds on $300 to the MSRP, but in my opinion, this is well worth the uptick in price. Honda will sometimes put rebates on the CBR300R, so make sure to research that here before finalizing your deal with the dealership. 

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The Honda CBR300R Specs, Transmission, Tech, and Features

With a race-bred design, the CBR300R gives the rider sporty handling with an ergonomic seating position that keeps you fresh on those long Sunday rides. As I rode the bike,  the 6-speed manual transmission slotted into gear with a reassuring and smooth clunk. You’ll be presented with optional anti-lock braking (ABS) for an additional $300 on top of the MSRP, and for the added safety and improved resale value, you’d be doing yourself and future owners a favor to upgrade.
As a rather traditional entry-level motorcycle, a lack of technology will only be noticeable if you’ve come off of something with a more robust line-up of rider aids or display options. For most beginner riders, the less to fiddle with, the better. Allowing you to focus on the road and traffic conditions. You will, however, find a perfectly usable pillion seat with small under-seat storage for legal documents or a small toolkit.

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The 2019 Honda CBR300R Seat Height, Weight, and MPG

In the beginning, you’ll find yourself concerned with motorcycle dimensions more than ever before and I’m here to tell you that the CBR300R is a one-size-fits-all exemplary design. Weighing in at just 357 pounds, fully fueled and ready to ride, you’ll be able to manage low-speed turn-in, parking lot backouts, and high-speed maneuvering with ease. Continuing with that theme, the 30.7-inch seat height and narrow chassis mean you’ll be able to get both feet down for a planted feel in stopped situations. Finally, with a 3.4 gallon gas tank and an estimated 71 miles per gallon, you’re looking at a maximum of 241 miles of range, which blows the Kawasaki Ninja 400 out of the water, which I reviewed last year.

Final Say

We all owe more than we know to the 2019 Honda CBR300R. With manufacturers scrambling over the last two years to update and vastly improve their entry-level lineups, everything traces back to the good ol’ Honda. Every tree needs a trunk, and the 2019 CBR300R not only acts as the trunk to so many riders motorcycle lineage, but it has also directly led to a shift in the industry as a whole. Having just ridden the 2020 Honda CB300R, I can say with great confidence that the future of the CBR lineup is in great hands, and I can’t wait to see what Honda will do to keep this wonderful bike at the top of its class.

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