Yamaha MT-07

2019 Yamaha MT-07 Review and Test Ride

Written by The Duke of DC.
Written by The Duke of DC.

Overview of the 2019 Yamaha MT-07 Test Ride – The MT-07 is Here to Play

True story, when I first graduated college, I worked right down the street from Coleman PowerSports and every warm day in Spring, I would go to that dealership and look at bikes. One of those bikes was the, then newly released, Yamaha MT-07. Four years later, the 2019 Yamaha MT-07 has carved out an important part of the Yamaha supernakeds, the mid-weight. It’s funny, I’ve recommended the MT-07 to riders for years, having never ridden one… and that gross misuse of my motorcycling power came from the sheer volume of all other reviewers ranting and raving over this bike. Alas, I can finally say without a shadow of a doubt that every recommendation I’ve made for this bike has been founded. The Yamaha MT-07 is here to play.
Join me as I take the MT-07 for a Test Ride


The 2019 Yamaha MT-07 Top Speed,  Engine, and Horsepower

The 689cc liquid-cooled DOHC 4-stroke, 8 valve twin parallel-twin engine has a 270° crankshaft, with irregular interval firing, that produces 74 horsepower at 9000 rpm and 50.2 pound-feet of torque at 6500 rpm. Right there with the MT-07 in power is the Ducati Scrambler Cafe, which produces an almost identical 73 hp but only 39 lb-ft of torque. This puts the MT-07 in the very competitive middleweight naked bike class, with competitors like the Kawasaki Z900, KTM 790 Duke, and new-for-this-year Husqvarna Vitpilen 701.
All that power accelerates the MT-07 from 0-60 in 3.8 seconds, pushing to a top speed of 130 mph. This power translates through the throttle in one of the smoothest applications I’ve seen in any motorcycle. You’re given access to this massive amount of usable torque that propels you through the curviest curves and the straightest straights. I never wanted more power and I never wanted less. I believe I use the words “kinda perfect” in my video review, and that truly sums up this aspect of the MT-07.

Yamaha MT-07 Price

The 2019 Yamaha MT-07 has an MSRP of $7,599. If you can believe it, you could buy 3.6 MT-07s for the price of one Ducati Panigale V4R…just be careful with the 3/5th MT-07. The MT-07 and the MT-09 are the most popular of the MT model group and have similar sales across the country. Both of these bikes are top sellers, routinely coming in the top 20 among on-road motorcycles. From a 2018 vs. 2019 perspective, there are still plenty of 2018s available, but that’s quickly shifting to the 2019 model year. If you shop with GoRollick, you can get an upfront, transparent price when you’re ready to buy, so make sure to check that out. With Rollick Certified Dealers there are plenty of both the MT-07 and the MT-09 models available. And if you need to finance the MT-07, you should read the definitive guide to motorcycle financing to learn all the tips and tricks to get the best deal possible.

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The 2019 Yamaha MT-07 Specs, Tech, and Features

As a middleweight naked bike, you don’t get the full spread of Yamaha’s tech, specs, or features, but have no fear. You’ll never want for anything shy of a little suspension upgrade, as the front forks sacrifice sporty dampening for cruising comfort and with non-adjustable front forks, you get what you get. That being said, adjustable preload and rebound damping can be found in the rear. Aside from the suspension woes, the dual 282mm front brakes and 245mm single rear had more than enough stopping power. Shifting was crisp and although there is no slipper clutch, I had mistakenly said there was in my video because downshifts were just that smooth.
Information for speed, revolutions per minute, fuel level, gear indication, and trip information is all located on the well placed, digital display. Nothing to write home about here, as you start to see some of the cost savings techniques surface over the more expensive models in the MT line-up.

The 2019 Yamaha MT-07 Weight and Ergonomics

We have a 403-pound wet weight with a wheelbase of 55.1 inches, a seat height at 31.7 inches, and overall width of 29.3 inches. When comparing it to a more traditional entry level bike, the Kawasaki Ninja 400, you’re looking at a 33-pound increase in weight and a 0.8-inch increase in seat height. All these numbers boil down to one of the most comfortable naked bikes I’ve ridden to date. A fact that became even more true the moment I pulled away on the bigger, more aggressive MT-09. The MT-07 is like sitting in your favorite chair, with your favorite pup, in your house pants… you all know what I mean, lol.

The 2019 Yamaha MT-07 Gas Mileage

The MT-07 is equipped with a 3.7-gallon fuel tank with an estimated 58 mpg. I love that Yamaha shares this information on their site, so openly. This figure is one that I typically have to go hunting for on third-party sites, but at 58 mpg, Yamaha has nothing to hide here. You’re looking at over a 200-mile range.

The Yamaha MT-07 vs. Yamaha MT-09 vs. Yamaha MT-10 – The Youngest of the MT Line-up

See, I’m the oldest sibling in my family, so although I might not understand how the MT-07 feels amongst it’s older kin, I certainly feel for it. With the MT-07 coming in at $7,599, the MT-09 at $8,999, and the MT-10 at $12,999, you can see why so many MT-07’s are on the road. That cost savings further increased with the 58 mpg average. A staggering 14 and 28 mpg improvement over the MT-09 and MT-10 respectively. So the MT-07 doesn’t have the power of the triple or the four-cylinder crossplane crank engines, it’s plucky, cost-conscious, easy to ride, and most importantly, fun.

Final Say

I’ll let you know that a sigh of relief which had been building for the last 5 years, has finally been released. The MT-07 exceeded all of my expectations, and for a model that has been in my queue for an embarrassing number of years, I can say without question that I will continue to endorse this motorcycle as a fantastic choice for all riders, beginner to over-the-hill-and-back-again experts.

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