2020 Honda CB300R Review and Test Ride


Written by The Duke of DC.
Written by The Duke of DC.

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Overview of the Honda CB300R

Let’s be clear here… this is NOT a paid advertisement for Honda. As many times as I’ve called and pleaded with Honda to pay me, it clearly hasn’t stuck. Now that that’s out of the way, I can get on with what might have been the best motorcycle I rode in 2019. It’s really quite strange when you think about how under the radar Honda can be at any given time with other manufacturers promising to sell you the Moon, while Honda simply sits back and does what they do best. They build an outstanding, reliable, exciting, beautifully designed entry-level bike – the 2020 Honda CB300R. Even if they did give it an utterly terrible delineation as a “Neo-Sport Cafe”, ew.
Watch my full ride and review here:


The 2020 Honda CB300R Top Speed, Engine, and HP

This is where the rubber meets the road and in the 2020 Honda CB300R, we’re talking about the compact 286cc DOHC four-valve, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine. Man does this little single have a great stage presence. Right off the bat, acceleration was smooth yet responsive and predictable. Unlike similar entry-level bikes at this displacement, you could actually feel a connection to the engine that is usually reserved for true supersport bikes.
That 286cc single produces 30.7 horsepower @ 8,500 RPM and 20.2 ft/lb of torque @ 7,500 RPM providing the rider with a wonderful balance of low-end torque and high-end horsepower. Going forward, I refuse to discuss top speed on these entry-level bikes because it simply does not matter. If you’re looking for top speed as a justification to purchase one of these motorcycles, you’re looking at the wrong bike. That being said, cruising at 65mph during my test ride felt effortless and although the lack of wind protection may cause fatigue, the available power wouldn’t become an issue on longer highway cruises.

2020 Honda CB300R Price

The 2020 Honda CB300R has a starting MSRP of $4,949, about $300 more than the 2019 model. For a bike that is under $5K, the CB300 hits every box I would ask. The 2020 CB300R currently only comes in the ABS trim. The 2019 version of the CB300R had a base and an ABS trim, the ABS asking an additional $300, so I would expect the same for 2020.
For comparison, here is the pricing for some very similar models:


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Honda CB300R Specs, Transmission, Tech, and Features

Although I really don’t love the self-proclamation as a Neo-Sports Cafe Style motorcycle, I do really love how Honda has updated the CB300R to look appropriately new for 2020. I say appropriately new, as most manufacturers fall guilty of committing the crime of recycling significantly older model-year beginner bikes as brand spanking new 2020 models.
Tsk, tsk.
New for 2020, the Honda CB300R updates colors on the tank, wheels, shrouds and headlight trim making this little single a direct replica to the full size CB1000R. Additionally, you’re getting a standard six-speed manual transmission, anti-lock braking, lightweight aluminum wheels, and 41mm Showa inverted forks.

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The 2020 Honda CB300R Seat Height, Weight, and MPG

The 2020 Honda CB300R sits at a featherweight 317 pounds, making it 30 pounds lighter than even the Honda CB300F. Along with that incredible weight savings, the CB300R exceeds even my wildest expectations of efficiency at 71 miles per gallon. Remaining dimensions include the entry friendly 31.5 inch seat height, and 2.7 gallon gas tank.

Final Say

It’s hard to encompass just how enjoyable this motorcycle was to ride in an article format. Similar to most entry-level bikes, there isn’t a lot to cover here, it’s just been done exceptionally well. I do cover a wide range of beginner bikes in my guide to the best beginner motorcycles. Honda has created an exceptional sport/standard entry-level motorcycle that can appease even the most experienced riders. Whether you’re looking for your first or your last, the 2020 Honda CB300R is the bike to buy.

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