A Note to Consumers During the Coronavirus — How GoRollick Can Help


 A Note to Consumers During the Coronavirus — How GoRollick Can Help


Coronavirus (COVID-19) has altered life as we know it and our thoughts are with you as we navigate this pandemic together. COVID-19 has also created an atmosphere of uncertainty for many businesses and consumers as we all assess how store closures, social distancing, and future societal changes will impact our lives. Rollick is committed to helping you through these challenging times to maintain as much normalcy as possible.


As we practice social distancing for the foreseeable future, Rollick is working hard to provide the safest and most transparent experience for consumers shopping for recreational vehicles (motorcycle, RV, boat, ATV, UTV, golf cart, jet, ski, snowmobile). On GoRollick.com you can browse thousands of vehicles from the comfort and safety of your own home. Just because times have changed, doesn’t mean you need to put your dreams on hold. 


Our Rollick Certified Dealers are working closely with us to ensure they are taking every precaution necessary to ensure your safety during the COVID-19 outbreak. But they want you to know that they are still here and available for you, whether you need service performed or want to inquire about a specific vehicle — they are ready to assist. 


If you want to learn more about what to do to protect yourself from COVID-19 or what to do if you think you might be infected, please refer to these helpful guidelines from the CDC.


How Rollick is Helping Shoppers During This Time


    1. Dealers Are Still Open For Business


Although many businesses are closing their doors for a few weeks, the majority of our Rollick Certified Dealers will remain open and available — if not in their brick and mortar location, then online (although subject to change based on state-by-state policies). Some dealers might have reduced hours or online communication only. Please take some time to support your local dealers during this trying time. Check them out on social media to see updates and featured products and deals. 


     2. Introducing Bonus Savings from Rollick, Starting April 1st 


We know how difficult this time is for you and your families. To that end, we are providing additional savings when you buy at one of our Powersports or RV Certified Dealers. You can now receive up to $1,300 in Bonus Savings starting April 1st. What does this mean? A few (great) things: 


  1. Up to a $150 gift card when you buy from a Rollick Certified Dealer  
  2. Insurance deductible reimbursement of up for $1,000 if you are in an accident within the first year 
  3. 10% off parts, service and accessories ($150 value assuming a $1,500 purchase)


*Note: These deals and incentives are activated when you report your purchase with Rollick online.


      3. Introducing Buy From Home + Free Delivery


Buying from the safety of your home has never been more important. To that end you can now find dealers that are badged as ‘Buy From Home’. These dealers are committed to helping you buy your next outdoor vehicle without setting foot in the dealership. Plus they are offering free delivery if you live within a 30 mile radius of the store. Learn more here. 


      4. Our Rollick Concierge Services Make it Easier to Shop (And Buy) Online 


Rollick provides a concierge service that is available for consumers to call and ask questions as well as set appointments with dealers. You can set up a phone call with a dealer, so you never have to step foot out of your house. Some of our dealers will even deliver vehicles to your doorstep. 


Even if you aren’t sure about the vehicle you want, you can still browse inventory on GoRollick.com to get an idea of what’s available and how much each vehicle costs — all from the comfort of your home (or RV).


Call 877-285-2666 to chat with our concierge team or email us at support@rollick.io


      5. Don’t Forget About OEM Incentives – Up to $4,000 Available in March


If you are considering making a purchase, be sure to check out our Manufacturer-Offered Incentives. Each brand offers some money off directly from the manufacturer, which might help alleviate some financial stress during this time.  


      6. Outdoor Recreation Can Be a Mindful Way to Social Distance 


Hunkering down at home is critical, but we also know sooner or later you will be looking for some safe ways to spend your time. One of the benefits of social distancing is the ability for us to continue our passion for recreational activities like riding a motorcycle, traversing the trails in a UTV or ATV, taking your RV to go camping, or taking your family out on the lake. These activities are a good way to maintain normalcy while avoiding large crowds of people. If you are in the market for a recreational product, dealers are still open and happy to answer any questions you might have. 


 See Dealer Updates All in One Place

If you are unsure whether your dealer is open or has changed their hours, take a look at our Dealer Coronavirus Update Page. We have compiled messages across social media from some of our Rollick Certified Dealers to let their customers know their status on the situation at hand. 


Stay Safe and Know We Are Here to Support You 

Rollick is committed to ensuring your safety and health, while also providing a flexible and easy-to-use online option for shoppers. We understand the gravity of this situation and want to express our deepest concern for our customers, dealers, and clients. 


Together, we will get through this difficult time. Rollick is here to help in any way we can to make sure your experience with purchasing a recreation product is as seamless as possible. To read more about our response to COVID-19, click here.  

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