Best UTV and ATV Accessories

By Chris Yeloushan


Aftermarket parts and accessories for ATVs and UTVs are a great way to personalize your vehicles, to improve their abilities, (and to make your friends jealous out on the trails). There are dozens of accessories you can purchase to soup up your ATV or UTV. Some of them make it “cool”, while some of them truly add enhanced functionality. Depending on why you ride your ATV/UTV, your need for different accessories will vary.

We list out some of the most popular and exciting accessories you can add to your vehicle as well as why you would want to add it to your ATV/UTV, how much it might cost, and where to find it.

Best ATV and UTV Accessories

Wheels, Tires, and Lift Kits

Best UTV and ATV Accessories 01
Larger wheels, tires, and lift kits will raise the height of your vehicle by at least a few inches. A lift kit allows you to put a larger wheel and tire package on your ATV/UTV, which will increase your ground clearance and ability to tackle rougher terrain. Make sure you buy the correct set of wheels so that they don’t contact the wheel-wells at full lock.

How much should I expect to pay?
Wheels, tires, and lift kit start around $1,000.

Best ATV Wheel Brands
ITP and MSA wheels are the two most popular brands and can be purchased from certified dealerships like Woods Cycle Country. There are different models designed for deep mud or desert terrain. There are also specific tires constructed to resist punctures and flats. These tires often provide a rougher ride.

Best UTV Tires Brands
ITP and Maxxis tires are the two most popular brands for off-road riders and can be purchased from certified dealerships like Woods Cycle Country.

Best ATV and UTV Lift Kit Brands
High-Lifter and Quad Boss are the two most popular brands and can be purchased from certified dealerships like Woods Cycle Country. Kits with different heights are available. It’s best to purchase the size that you need. Higher lifts can put more strain on drive components, and a taller vehicle sways more and is more likely to tip when hard turns are made at speed.


A windshield is a super practical addition to an all-terrain vehicle. It will protect you from wind, dust, and debris and make it easier to see while driving. There are dozens of windshield choices, including full, half, flip-out, fold-down and vented windshield types.  A simple half windshield or wind deflector is probably the most practical and economical option.

If the air temperature is 50 degrees or under, some sort of windshield is a must. If you don’t have one and air temps are below perfect, the windchill quickly makes a normal day of riding feel cold.

Deflectors direct the cold air right over your helmet and also keep your face from being buffeted by the wind all day. If you ride in dry conditions a back panel will help reduce dust from swirling around in the cab (a windshield creates a low pressure area behind it which can draw in dust and dirt). Our certified dealers have a large selection of windshields in stock.

Watch me quickly install a new half windhsield on my 2020 Yamaha Wolverine:

How much should I expect to pay?
Poly windshields start at $200 with safety-glass windshields starting at $400

Best ATV and UTV Windshield Brands
Most of the OEM’s have models that are equipped with factory windshields and there is a large selection of OEM and aftermarket options available from our dealerships (Seizmik, Quad Boss, Fortess, Kolpin, and others).


Some UTV models come with a roof as standard equipment these days, but are still not equipped with this option. For obvious reasons, a roof is a great investment. Rain, snow or sun are three things that can make a ride less enjoyable. Plus, a roof helps with heat dissipation and noise reduction. Now, some aftermarket roofs are made to be transparent. This is a really cool idea and will allow some light to come into your vehicle while riding and better visibility. A roof is also the perfect location to mount your light bar, which we’ll discuss next.

How much should I expect to pay?
Poly roofs start at $200 and metal roofs start at $400

Best ATV and UTV Roof Brands
Most of the OEM’s have the factory polycarbonate roofs, If not, most aftermarket roofs are steel from Kolpin, Probox, and Fortress

LED Light Bars

Best UTV and ATV Accessories 02
Lightbars are both practical and a pretty cool upgrade to any off-roading vehicle.  Lightbars project bright light hundreds of feet, which improves visibility when you are ripping through the trails or lighting up the path in front of you to avoid obstacles. If you are going through ATV accessories for sale and looking for the most suitable lighting solution to use when you are going for a night ride, you should consider an LED Light Bar.

The bars feature a beam that combines two types of lighting elements, namely a spot beam for long irradiation distance and a flood beam for a broad view area. In terms of performance, you’ll get a better and clearer view range. Most are made of die-cast aluminum alloy which ensures a better cooling effect and protective housing and strong brackets ensure durability, as well as waterproof, dustproof and quakeproof features.

Most LED lightbars are easy to install (although cleanly and safely wiring them in can require some expertise). Lightbars are installed using a mounting bracket that can be adjusted and slid on the roll cage, enabling you to ensure the best position and flexibility, according to your needs.

How much should I expect to pay?
Most light bars come with at least a one-year warranty and start at $150 and can range well over $100

Best ATV and UTV Light Bar Brands
Quad Boss, Open-Trail, and Ni-Light are the most popular. Premium model lightbars are available from Rigid Industries.

Stereo or Sound Bar

Having music on your UTV used to be a difficult and involved process. It used to be a hassle not only to install a stereo system or sound bar, but especially if you wanted it to look good. Fortunately, now we have companies making speaker systems for UTV’s. The best part is that they actually look and sound great, and most offer Bluetooth connectivity.

From the sound of mud tires and the drone of an exhaust pipe, UTV’s are by no means quiet. In fact, the volume of a UTV can exceed 100 decibels. Most headphones do not have enough power to hear them clearly whle you are on the trail.  This makes a sound bar or speaker tubes the perfect solution for listening to great music while you are riding. It is also perfect when you park and keep your favorite tunes playing.

How much should I expect to pay?
Prices start at $250

Best ATV and UTV Stereo System Brands
Boss and Rockville

Best ATV and UTV Sound Bar Brands
Boss, Wet Sounds, Infinity


Best UTV and ATV Accessories 03
A winch will help you when you are alone or help your friends out of a ditch or even to use around your property. A winch is built to haul you out of any tight spot you might end up in, literally.

A winch will get you out of that stuck spot or get your buddy out of his stuck spot. Winches are usually easy to install. Depending on the size of your UTV, you will require at least a 3,500 – 4,500lb winch. Check with the manufacturer to see if you need a special mounting bracket or opt in for an aftermarket bumper. Being stuck in the mud can add a lot of weight and friction to your vehicle so make sure you purchase a winch that is rated for more than just the dry weight of your ride.

Many newer winches are also available with synthetic cable (in place of the old steel cables) upgrades. These synthetic ropes are just as strong (if not stronger) and are easier to handle and coil back up.

How much should I expect to pay?
The prices range from $249 – $800

Best ATV and UTV Winch Brands
Warn and Quad Boss

Rear View Mirror

Best UTV and ATV Accessories 04
Best UTV and ATV Accessories 05
The first time you put your UTV in reverse, you find the need of a rear-view mirror. Put a seat belt on and turn around to see behind and it gets even harder. Do yourself a favor and purchase  a rear view mirror and side view mirrors. A center mounted convex rearview mirror that both the driver and passengers can see out of. Rear view mirrors are also great for watching your buddies get left in the dust. Mirrors are available in poly and polished metal options.

How much should I expect to pay?
Prices start at $50

Recommended ATV Rear View Mirror Brands
Assault Industries, specifically the Explorer and Sidewinder products, which can be purchased from a certified dealership.

Water & Dust Proof Storage

Best UTV and ATV Accessories 06
Best UTV and ATV Accessories 07
You’ll need a place to keep your phone and wallets dry. If you’re not getting dirty or muddy, then you’re not riding. A dry box works great for keeping your stuff dry and clean when you ride, trust me it’s not worth the risk when phones cost upwards of $1,000 these days.

How much should I expect to pay?
Prices start at $100

Best ATV and UTV Water and Dust Proof Storage Brands
Tusk, Kolpin, and Moose

Spare Tire, Carrier, and Jack

A spare tire is a very necessary accessory. It can be a stock take off or a matching fifth wheel/tire. Most UTV’s come with 4 or 6 ply tires or something equivalent. Having a spare and some sort of way to jack the vehicle up is the only guarantee you have not to be stranded. Keep in mind you can drive slowly on a flat a mile or two without causing damage to your wheel, but it’s still much better to replace a flat as soon as possible so you don’t cause further damage.

If you only have the space for one spare, look at purchasing a front tire. While not the same size, in most cases front wheels will fit on the front or rear of a vehicle (while a rear won’t always fit on the front). A new accessory that was just released also allows you to install a replacement valve-stem without dismounting your tire. Check them out at your local dealer.

How much should I expect to pay?
Prices start around $150

Best ATV and UTV Spare Tire, Carrier and Jack Brands
Pro Armor, Dragon Fire Racing 

Aftermarket Exhaust

An aftermarket exhaust system is designed to improve sound, torque power, and throttle response. Consumers usually pick an aftermarket exhaust system not only to have a more aggressive, deep sound, but to increase the performance output of your factory exhaust. Many aftermarket exhaust systems decrease sound levels in the cab of the side-by-side or under the your seat of your ATV.

Based on the various options available, consumers can get an exhaust system that is customized to their unique wants and needs. It’s good to do the research to find out any additional items that need to be installed with the new exhaust. Some systems can flow a lot more air than stock and could result in engine problems if not addressed.

How much should I expect to pay?
Prices start around $300

Best ATV and UTV Exhaust Silencer Brands
HMF, Big Gun, Gibson, and Supertrapp

Emergency Supplies

It’s a smart idea to carry around some emergency supplies. You should consider preparing your own kit with everything you might need in case of an emergency. For example, some good additions would be a toolkit, knife for cutting trees, a roll of duct tape, tow strap, water, and even some zip ties. It’s also good to not forget to carry plenty of water and a general first aid kit when going riding. The heat from the engine and those hot days can really make you thirsty.

How much should I expect to pay?
Prices start around $50

Recommended ATV  and UTV Emergency Kit Items
UTV Driver provides an excellent list of what should go in your ATV or UTV emergency kit.

Is Upgrading My ATV or UTV Worth the Cost?

The year, mileage, condition, and how much you ride of your ATV/UTV, will determine if it is worth upgrading. While most brands are highly reliable and last for many years based on personal use, the new performance, technology, and comfort enhancements added via accessories and parts can completely revamp and otherwise lackluster off-road vehicle. Some of the items on this list are essential safety additions like a winch or an emergency kit, but others are more based on your personal preference and needs, like a sound bar. As far as if your ATV or UTV will be worth more money because you upgraded it is difficult to say. We wouldn’t recommend souping up an ATV or UTV for a huge ROI. The aftermarket upgrades can make your older ATV or UTV seem much more appealing to potential buyers. The real reason to decide to upgrade is for yourself and to make your ATV or UTV work as best as possible for you.

If you are curious about the cost of a new or used ATV or UTV, we have articles specifically to answer that question. Check them out:
How Much Does a UTV Cost?
How Much Does an ATV Cost?

When you’re ready to buy, check out the GoRollick complete guide to buying and ATV and the GoRollick complete guide to buying a UTV.

Where to Buy ATV/UTV Accessories?

A great place to start your search for aftermarket parts and accessories is with the dealer you purchased your ATV or UTV from. Your dealer should know the product you purchased extremely well and, therefore, should be able to help you select the right parts for you that will fit and work with your vehicle. Another plus to purchasing from the dealer is that you can use their service department to have the parts installed (if needed). Building this relationship with a dealer is going to make your entire off-road experience a positive one instead of a potential headache.

Most dealerships have at least one of the UTV/ATV on their showroom floor with every possible accessory you could imagine. For example, Woods Cycle Country in New Braunfels TX has their custom vehicle devision WC3 (Woods Cycle Country Customs) where they will customize your UTV/ATV to your personalized riding needs. See below for video.

Other great places to look for ATV and UTV accessories are online stores like Amazon or Ebay. You can also look at outdoor stores like Bass Pro Shops and sometimes even Walmart or any local hunting, fishing, powersports/outdoors stores in your area.

Also, I’d like to thank Woods Cycle Country in New Braunfels, TX for helping me create this content and providing access to their fleet of ATVs and UTVs for images.

Learn more about Woods Cycle Country here.

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My name is Chris Yeloushan, you may have read some of my ATV and UTV reviews (2020 Polaris Ranger, 2020 Yamaha Kodiak, or  2019 Honda Pioneer, here on the GoRollick blog before. I am a huge fan of off-roading and try to spend as much of my free time as I can on the trails. I also own a property in Florida where I use my UTV for hauling, pulling and more industrious work. As we continue to work on our property, me and my wife have plans to add some exciting upgrades to our UTVs.

Follow along with me on my journey exploring different additions and upgrades for my vehicles and see cost, installment and what I think of each item. Look forward to the following upcoming upgrade videos:

  • Windshield
  • LED Light bar
  • Sound system



Adding aftermarket upgrades is a way to make your ATV or UTV work best for you. You may not find the perfect vehicle while you are shopping, but you should keep in mind that you can always add on additional features and upgrades to make it perfect for you. Some of the available accessories will make your vehicle more functional and some will make it more fun, but whatever your goal is, there are tons of options out there to improve your ATV or UTV.

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