olf Cart Batteries: Everything You Need to Know

Golf Cart Batteries: Everything You Need to Know



If you’ve ever driven a golf cart before, you know how fun and convenient they are. Whether you use a golf cart for transportation, for hauling, or for golfing, they are practical and fun. There are two types of golf carts: gas and electric. If you own an electric golf cart, you have probably wondered about the battery. Electric golf carts run on a rechargeable battery. Recharging the battery might be more convenient than refilling a gas tank every week, but it also will eventually need to be replaced. In this article, we are going to go over everything you need to know about golf cart batteries and what happens when they need to be replaced.
If you are still trying to decide between a gas or an electric golf cart, consult our Ultimate Guide to Buying a Golf Cart. It answers all your questions about the top brands, pros and cons of each type, buying new vs used, financing and how to think about insurance.

What Type Of Battery Is In A Golf Cart?

There are two categories of golf cart batteries, each with some subsets.

  1. Deep Cycle Lead Acid Batteries
  2. Lithium-Ion Batteries

There are pros and cons to each type of battery. Most golf carts come standard with a deep cycle lead-acid battery.
Lead-acid batteries cost less upfront, but do not last as long as their competitor and require regular maintenance throughout their life span. The rate you use your golf cart with lead-acid batteries will also determine how long your lead-acid batteries last (as a pack). For example, you should run down the batteries to a ¼ charge level +/- on a regular occasion to ensure they cycle properly and get the advantage of a longer, slower charging cycle.
Lithium-ion batteries last longer than lead-acid and do not require maintenance while in use, but they do cost significantly more for those added benefits. Lithium-Ion batteries are made for deep cycle applications and are sealed units. There are no water levels to check and the degree that you use your golf car on any occasion does not matter regarding cycling or recharging times. A Lithium-Ion battery controls it’s voltage output in conjunction with the car’s speed controller, so you have more power when needed and less power when it’s not needed.

How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last?

Golf cart batteries typically last anywhere from 4-10 years.
Put another way, a lithium-ion battery should last between 2,000 and 5,000 charging cycles. A lead-acid battery should last somewhere between 500 and 1,000 charging cycles.
That’s quite the range. The reason for the wide range is because there are different factors that will affect your golf cart battery lifespan. The amount of daily or weekly use will determine how quickly your battery wears out. Some other factors that can influence how long a battery lasts in a golf cart include:

  • How fast you typically cruise
  • How far each ride is
  • How quickly you drain each full charge
  • Lack of routine maintenance (lead-acid)
  • Temperature

Note: Lithium-ion batteries weigh less than lead-acid, they do not lose power as their voltage dips, they charge 80% faster than lead-acid.

How Many Batteries Are In A Golf Cart?

It is important to know that golf cart batteries come in three voltages: 6V, 8V, and 12V (V stands for Volts). Often, you will need to use multiple 6V batteries to meet the golf cart’s 36V power requirement. For example, if your golf cart requires 48V of power, you can use 6 8 volt batteries or 4 12 volt batteries.

How Much Are Golf Cart Batteries?

A 6V or 8V Lead-Acid Battery will cost somewhere in the $125-$200 range.
A 12V Lead-Acid Battery will cost somewhere in the $150-$300 range.
Lithium-Ion golf cart batteries can sell for as low as $100, but you are more likely to see prices in the $1,000-$3,000 range.
To explain further, the price depends on the voltage and on the “AH”. AH stands for ampere-hour and is the amount of charge in a battery that will allow one ampere of current to flow for one hour. The higher the AH, the longer one charge on the battery will last, like having a bigger fuel tank in a car. This will also increase the price of the battery. Remember, most carts require multiple batteries to power up fully so even though each battery might cost $125, you might need to buy 6 of them for your particular golf cart.
The price also changes based on the voltage and on the AH. The higher the voltage or AH, the more expensive the battery will cost. Just like in a Lead-Acid battery, the higher the AH is on an LI battery, the longer run time you will have.

Another important factor that impacts cost is installation. We highly recommend your golf cart dealer installs the battery for you. These batteries contain dangerous acid and are very heavy. A dealer will ensure everything is done safely and correctly. They will also be able to test your golf cart and do a safety and performance check. The downside is that using a dealer to install your batteries will significantly increase the total cost. The lead-acid batteries listed above are in the $125-dollar-range, but when professionally installed, you are looking at a total bill of at least $750-$1,000.
If you are trying to price out the total cost of owning a golf cart, take a look at our article on golf cart pricing to get up-to-date and accurate pricing on new vs used popular golf cart models.

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Where Can I Buy Golf Cart Batteries?

The best place to buy golf cart batteries is from the dealership you purchased your golf cart from. If you purchased used or from someone not at a dealership, you can look into online shopping. Here are some of the most reputable online shops to buy a golf cart battery:

If you prefer to go to a physical store, here are some of the more popular battery stores you can find in the US:


How Much Does A Golf Cart Battery Weigh?

A golf cart will typically weigh between 650 and 1100 lbs total, including the battery. A gas-powered golf cart will typically weigh more than an average electric golf cart.

Pro Tip: When looking for a golf cart online, take into account whether the weight listed is a dry weight. A dry weight is the total weight of the cart before any fluids, accessories, and other essentials. Adding in these items can change the weight of the cart dramatically, so make sure to do your research.

You can expect a golf cart battery to weigh anywhere from 50-100 pounds, on average. Here are some examples:

Remember, this is the weight of a single battery. Most golf carts require multiple batteries, so you will need to calculate the total weight based on how many of each voltage battery you need. Weight is important because it determines the stability, power and duration capabilities of your golf cart.


Electric golf carts are a great choice for personal or commercial use because they are easy to use and charge, they are low maintenance, and they can be very powerful. The one downside is you might have to change the battery every so often (4-10 years). Golf cart batteries are much like a car battery, not fun to deal with, but manageable and there are fantastic customer service representatives and dealers to help you along the way. Don’t let the fear of a golf cart battery stop you from enjoying all your golf cart has to offer.

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