How much is a dirt bike?

How Much is a Dirt Bike?

Written by Carolyn Jackson

What is a Dirt Bike?

A dirt bike, or sometimes referred to as an off-road motorcycle, is a lightweight, durable machine that is typically used by adrenaline-seeking riders and racers. Dirt bikes are a type of motorcycle used for riding on dirt, mud, or rocky trails with jumps, obstacles, and big drops. 


In this article, we are going to cover the average price of some of the top dirt bikes currently available on the market. We will discuss both new and used pricing data as well as some helpful information about dirt bikes in general and how to buy your very own. 


What to Know About Dirt Bikes

Most dirt bikes are not street legal because they lack some essential equipment for public transportation, like headlights, mirrors, and brake lights. However, the upside is that you do not need to get a special driver’s license to ride a dirt bike like you would need to drive a more traditional motorcycle. 


Dirt bikes are known for being compact. They have small engines, gas tanks, and rigid suspension mechanisms. The smaller size and suspension are choices made by manufacturers to improve the quality for those adrenaline seekers. A lightweight bike can get more air on jumps and move through rocky terrain with ease. Comfort and long ride times are not a priority for dirt bike manufacturers. 


Types of Dirt Bikes

There are a few types of motorcycles that fall within the dirt bike category. When you visit a site like Yamaha or Suzuki, you will notice they have categories for Motocross, Off-Road, Trail, Dual Sport, Enduro, Supermoto, Adventure Touring, etc. That’s a lot of categories to fall under “dirt bike” and can make it confusing or even overwhelming when you’re just trying to figure out what to buy. 


There are a few key differences in each category, but overall, each of these bike categories are very similar. The main difference you will find is suspension and displacement. For example, a Motocross bike will have higher displacement and firm suspension because Motocross bikes are meant to race over hilly terrain. A Trail bike will have softer suspension and lower displacement because a Trail bike is designed for precision and comfort. 


Another difference you might need to consider is the engine. Dirt bikes come in three primary engine types: 2-stroke, 4-stroke, and electric. The difference is how the engine intakes fuel in order to output energy. 2-stroke engines are lighter but less powerful. 4-stroke engines are much more efficient but are heavier. A 2-stroke engine creates more torque at a higher RPM and a 4-stroke engine yields a higher torque at a lower RPM. 


Electric engines are becoming more popular in the dirt bike and motorcycle scene as of late. The 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines are combustion engines, meaning they burn fuel to create heat, which manufacturers energy. An electric engine has no moving parts, rather they run on a battery, traditionally a lithium-ion battery. The lack of moving parts in an electric engine means much less maintenance cost, but replacing a battery can be costly. 


Electric engines can produce high torque immediately, but they do need to be recharged occasionally. Another perk of an electric engine on a dirt bike is the lack of sound. Many 2-stroke dirt bikes are wildly loud, but with an electric dirt bike, there is slim to none — which can be an advantage in a racing setting. 


How Much is a New Dirt Bike?

You can expect to pay between$3K-$17K range for a new dirt bike, although most bikes fall into the $6K – $10K range. Based on data from GoRollick, the average price of a new dirt bike is $6,023. Compared to other motorcycle categories, the price range on dirt bikes is relatively modest. This is because dirt bikers aren’t looking for souped-up, high-end dirt bikes. They want a bike that can jump the highest, sustain the most impact without breaking, and that keeps them as safe as possible.


Similar to other motorcycles, the pricing for a dirt bike is highly dependent on engine size. The larger the engine, the more expensive the starting MSRP. 


How Much is a Used Dirt Bike?

Used dirt bikes are a great option because the cost will be lower than if you purchase the same vehicle new. Based on data from GoRollick, the average price of a used dirt bike is $4,848.  Many people choose to purchase used because you have more negotiating power and you can often get a higher-end vehicle, potentially with aftermarket upgrades, for significantly less than a brand new model. There are a few drawbacks to purchasing used such as hidden mechanical problems or, depending on the age, the vehicle might be out of warranty. 


New and Used Dirt Bike Pricing Comparison

Here are some examples of new and used dirt bikes currently on the market: 

Make Model New Price Engine Size Used Price Difference
KTM 450 SX-F $9,999 450 cc – 4 stroke $6,000 (2016) $3,999
KTM SX-E 5 $5,049 48 V cc – Electric N/A (New in 2020) N/A
Husqvarna TC 125 $7,399 125cc – 2 stroke $4,495 (2018) $2,904
Husqvarna FC 450 $10,099 450 cc – 4 stroke $8,999 (2019) $1,100
Husqvarna EE 5 $5,149 48 V – Electric N/A (New in 2020) N/A
Yamaha YZ450F $9,399 450 cc – 4 stroke $6,499 (2018) $2,900
Yamaha YZ250F $8,199 250 cc – 4 stroke $5,777 (2017) $2,422
Yamaha YZ65 $4,599 65 cc – 2 stroke $3,495 (2018) $1,104
Yamaha TT-R230 $4,449 223 cc – 4 stroke $3,899 (2019) $550
Kawasaki KX250 $7,799 250 cc – 4 stroke $3,488 (2011) $4,311
Kawasaki KX450 $9,299 450 cc – 4 stroke $5,999 (2017) $3,300
Kawasaki KX65 $3,699 65 cc – 2 stroke $2,699 (2016) $1,000
Suzuki RM-Z450 $8,999 450 cc – 4 stroke $5,599 (2018) $3,400
Suzuki RM-Z250 $7,899 250 cc – 4 stroke $3,899 (2018) $4,000
Suzuki RM85 $4,249 85 cc – 2 stroke $3,999 (2016) $250
Suzuki DR-Z125L $3,299 125 cc – 4 stroke $3,199 (2017) $100

Researching the most popular dirt bikes and their new and used pricing revealed some interesting findings: 

  • Used pricing is directly correlated to market saturation. The more bikes of a certain model that are available, the lower you can expect the price to drop. If there are only a few of a certain model available used, the price will not drop much from the new MSRP 
  • Prices do not fluctuate widely between brands.
  • Dirt bikes seem to depreciate by about $1,000 per year (on average).
  • Dirt bike prices rarely went above $10,000. In fact 98% of used dirt bikes are priced below $10,000. 
  • The lower a dirt bike’s starting MSRP is for a new bike, the less the price will decrease for a used bike.


Dirt bike pricing is pretty standard across the board. Most bikes are within the $5K-$10K range and the price difference is largely due to the displacement of the engine. The straightforward pricing for dirt bikes is an advantage because you can focus on finding a bike you really like without needing to worry it will skyrocket in price with add-ons or upgrades. You can also usually find a bike you love, and then go down in displacement for a lower cost. 


If you are interested in learning pricing data on other outdoor vehicles, such as side by sides, ATVs, or motorcycles, take a look at some of our other articles that outline new and used pricing. 


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