How much does a jet ski cost?

How Much Is A Jet Ski? 2019 Prices Included

How Much is a Jet Ski?

Like most recreation vehicles with engines, the price of a jet ski can run the gamut, starting around $5K and climbing to more than $18K. Based on GoRollick data, the average price of a 2019 jet ski is $9,950. The average price of a used jet ski is $7,560, but of course this will vary dramatically depending on year and usage. The price of a jet ski is determined by the brand, weight, gas tank size, speed/horsepower, and features.
Some features that will immediately increase the MSRP include, but are not limited to:

  • Cruise control
  • Tilt steering
  • Depth finder
  • Different modes like sport, eco and touring

It’s also common for the manufacturers to add rebates to new models so that they can encourage you to make a purchase. You can see a list of the latest rebates here.


How Much Does Each Type of Jet Ski Cost?

A recreation or rec-lite jet ski will cost anywhere from $5K to $10K. A performance jet ski will cost between $7.5K and $15K. A luxury jet ski will cost anywhere from $10K to $18K.
There are three primary classes that jet skis are divided into, from most expensive to least:

  1. Luxury
  2. Performance
  3. Recreation / Rec-Lite


Luxury Jet Skis

Luxury jet skis are heavier and are fairly similar to the other classes of jet skis, but the heavier frames lends itself to a smoother, slower ride. Because of their weight and larger size, they are less agile and have less responsive steering. The most notable difference in a luxury jet ski is the vast array of features available on these models.

Performance Jet Skis

Performance jet skis are the fastest type of jet ski you can buy. The higher speed is thanks to the engines on these machines, which are expensive and powerful. These jet skis have the highest top speeds, best maneuverability, and acceleration out of all the types of jet skis available. A performance jet ski is perfect for the adrenaline junkie or adventure seeker.

Recreation Jet Skis

A recreation jet ski is the most common type of jet ski. They are probably the most popular because they balance cost, power, and features well. These types of jet skis meet people’s needs for fun and are a great choice for families or teens who just want to get out and enjoy some wake on the lake or ocean.
You can learn more about every type of jet ski in our definitive guide to buying a jet ski.

How Much Is A Yamaha Jet Ski?

Yamaha is one of the oldest and most reliable brands around. A new Yamaha jet ski ranges in price from $6,000 to $17,000. Yamaha boasts a lineup of 4 different models, each with multiple trims. They have the EX Series (rec-lite), VX Series (recreation), FX Series (luxury) and their Performance Series (performance). All together, Yamaha offers 18 2019 models currently. They are known for their simplicity in engineering as well as their impressive safety features.

New Yamaha Jet Ski Pricing

Yamaha 2019  EX
– Starting MSRP is $6,799
Yamaha 2019 VX Cruiser
– Starting MSRP is $10,799
Yamaha 2019 FX HO
– Starting MSRP is $13,499
Yamaha 2019 VXR
– Starting MSRP is $12,299
See a list for every new Yamaha model and trim pricing

Examples of Used Yamaha Jet Ski Pricing

Yamaha 2018 VX
– Selling for $8,500
Yamaha 2018 VXR
– Selling for $10,500
Yamaha 2017 EX Deluxe
– Selling for $5,950
Yamaha 2017 VX Cruiser
– Selling for $8,999
Yamaha 2016 FX Cruiser HO
– Selling for $9,999
See used Yamaha Jet Ski pricing and models available for sale

How Much Is A Sea-Doo Jet Ski?

Sea-Doo currently makes the most affordable jet ski in the market, the Spark, which has a starting MSRP of $5,000, but they offer a wide range of models going all the way up to about $17,000 in price. Sea-Doo has the most jet ski selection of any brand. They have 7 types of jet skis, each with their own subset of models and trims, totaling at least 22 2019 models. Sea-Doo specializes in having a jet ski for every need and occasion, hence the huge lineup. Notably, Sea-Doo is the first brand to offer a jet ski specifically built for fishing.

New Sea-Doo Jet Ski Pricing

Sea-Doo 2019 Spark (Rec-Lite)
– Starting MSRP is $5,399
Sea-Doo 2019 GTI 90 (Recreation)
– Starting MSRP is $8,799
Sea-Doo 2019 RXP-X 300 (Performance)
– Starting MSRP is $15,399
Sea-Doo 2019 GTR 230 (Performance)
– Starting MSRP is $12,199
See a list for every new Sea-Doo model and trim pricing 

Examples of Used Sea-Doo Jet Ski Pricing

Sea-Doo 2018 GTI Se
– Selling for $7,971
Sea-Doo 2018 RXP-X 300
– Selling for $13,042
Sea-Doo 2018 Spark
– Selling for $5,399
Sea-Doo 2017 GTR 230
– Selling for $11,999
See used Sea-Doo Jet Ski pricing and models available for sale

How Much is a Kawasaki Jet Ski?

Kawasaki jet skis are some of the more expensive jet skis available. Their vehicles start at an MSRP of around $10,000 and go all the way up to a $17,999 price tag for the Kawasaki Ultra 310XL. They have one of the smaller lineups, with only 8 jet skis to choose from. Kawasaki jet skis are known for their powerful engines and lofty top speeds.

New Kawasaki Jet Ski Pricing

Kawasaki 2019 SX-R
– Starting MSRP is $9,999
Kawasaki 2019 STX-15F
– Starting MSRP is $9,699
Kawasaki 2019 Ultra 310X SE
– Starting MSRP is $15,799
See a list for every new Kawasaki Jet SKi model and trim pricing

Used Kawasaki Jet Ski Pricing

Kawasaki 2017 SX-R
– Selling for $3,200
Kawasaki 2012 STX-15F
– Selling for $4,500
Kawasaki 2012 Ultra 300X
– Selling for $3,950
See used Kawasaki Jet Ski pricing and models available for sale

How Much Does a Jet Ski Engine Cost?

Fortunately, if you do need to replace the engine in your jet ski, they are more affordable than buying a new jet ski, and therefore a viable option if this happens to you. You will need to get the engine that is specific to your watercraft. According to SBT, the largest supplier of remanufactured watercraft engines in the world, these are some of the ranges you should see for a jet ski engine:

The price of a new engine all depends on the type of jet ski you own. The more powerful (read fast) your jet ski, the larger your jet ski and the faster it can get to cruising speed are all indicators that your engine might cost a bit more than a rec-lite jet ski engine.

How Much Does a Jet Ski Battery Cost?

The good news is that jet ski batteries aren’t expensive. They start at around $85 and can go up to about $200, but are often right around the $100 range. Jet ski batteries, when maintained and recharged frequently, can last up to 3 to 5 years. However, because jet skis are only used for part of the year, the battery is likely to die much faster than your average car battery if not maintained. It would not be a surprise if your jet ski battery lasted one year.

How Much Do Jet Ski Trailers Cost?

If you think you might need to move your jet skis at all, whether it be for the winter months or to take them to competitions or just to another lake or body of water, you will need to invest in a jet ski trailer. Jet ski trailers come in single and double sizes, and often they are either made of aluminum or steel. They also sell the trailers based on the weight you will be hauling. Usually, the weights start at 1,250lbs and go up to 2,600lbs.
A jet ski trailer will vary in price based on the size, material and towing capacity. You can get a very basic, single jet ski trailer for around $600, but these trailers can reach prices in the $2K range as well.

Boaters License

The requirements for driving a boat or personal watercraft (pwc) differ by each state. You can see a breakdown of the requirements by state here. Passing a boating safety course will lower your boat or pwc insurance, and increase your water safety skills. 43 out of the 50 states require a boating license in order to operate a boat or pwc. Each state has varying requirements, regulations, and cost associated with obtaining a boating license, but you can expect to pay around $50 for the course and the license fee. Read more about why a boating license is necessary and how to obtain a license here. 


Jet skis are a great way to enjoy lakes, oceans, and rivers. They are easy for all types of people to ride or drive and they are fairly easy to maintain. The cost of a jet ski varies widely based on what you want out of the product, which means that there is a jet ski and a price point out there for everyone. Need a toy hauler to tow your jet ski? Check out our toy hauler buying guide. Happy cruising!

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