How to Take Advantage of Powersport and RV Manufacturer Incentives on Your Next Vehicle Purchase

Written by Jordan Stokes.
Purchasing a motorcycle, side by side, travel trailer, motorhome, ATV, or any other powersport or RV vehicle is a fun and exciting experience. However, paying $10,000 for a motorcycle or $40,000 on an RV might give you some heartburn. The good news is that manufacturers understand that this is a big purchase, and they’re here to offer you customer incentives.
Manufacturers provide customer incentives to make buying powersport and RV vehicles more affordable so you can walk out of the dealership with a smile on your face and some change in your wallet. We’ve done the research to make sure you understand how these incentives work, as well as how to ensure you qualify for them. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Customer Incentives

Customer incentives are offers from the manufacturer that are directed at consumers and will typically include things like cash-back rebates, low-interest financing offers, and other awesome perks. The goal of these offers, of course, is to make buying these vehicles more affordable, and they will vary depending on your region or dealership.
For example, sometimes manufacturers will offer customer incentives on models that aren’t selling that well in one particular region or in one particular state. Let’s say that at the same time in another region or at another dealership those models are selling like hot cakes. We can assume that they probably aren’t offering that same deal as the ones who aren’t selling as fast at that particular time.                              

Pro Tip: We suggest narrowing your search on what type make and model you are looking for so you can start to look for the best deals and incentives in your area. If you are set on only one type, your options may be limited.                       

Fine Print  
It’s also important to read the fine print on the incentive before you settle in and head to the dealership. Some offers might have exclusions that won’t qualify you for the deal and you should be aware of that, so make sure you do your homework. After all, you don’t want any false hope.    
You want to take advantage of the deals and incentives that are offered and you should understand what you do and don’t qualify for. So, remember to read the fine print. You can find these deals directly on the manufacturer’s website. We’ve even provided a few links to some manufacturer incentives below to make your search a little easier.                                                                                            

Other ways you can take advantage of incentives:

  • Be flexible and patient enough to find savings that best suit you.
  • Timing isn’t always in your favor. You may have to wait a few months to see if a different savings option comes up so you can afford your dream machine.
  • The older models are usually more flexible on incentives and savings, especially right before the next year’s model comes out. This typically happens during the summer months. That might be your best chance at a good deal.
  • You should also look for deals in surrounding areas to get the best incentives on your purchase.        

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a new motorcycle, SxS, ATV, RV, or another type of vehicle, you should always do your research and look for manufacturer incentives so you can feel great about your next purchase.
You may qualify to receive special offers like low APR and financing deals, cash back rebates, military discounts, and more. Just remember to be patient and read the fine print so you can understand what you qualify for.
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