How To Safely Go RVing During COVID-19

Written by Carolyn Jackson

 Table of Contents

  1. RVing During COVID-19
  2. Should I Self-Quarantine in My RV?
  3. Ideas for Entertainment While Self-Quarantined in an RV
  4. How to Work From Home in an RV
  5. How Self-Quarantining in an RV Can Be Beneficial
  6. Why Investing in an RV Might Be a Good Idea Right Now
  7. We Have a Lot to be Grateful For

RVing During COVID-19

Living through a pandemic is usually a once-in-a-lifetime event, and having a Coronavirus like the COVID-19 pandemic is a first for most of us. As we all navigate this difficult and uncertain time together, we need to be vigilant and aware of how our actions and words affect others. It’s human nature to focus more on negative things during times of global uncertainty, and this happens because uncertainty creates fear, and fear puts our bodies into the commonly known fight-or-flight response. This can cause extra stress, panic, and sometimes, toilet paper hoarding.


If you are lucky enough to own an RV right now, you might be wondering if it’s a good time to take the RV out with your family and get away from large cities. You aren’t the only one with this idea; in fact, the number of RV owners “self-quarantining” themselves is on the rise. It’s no surprise, because if you have ever been RVing, you know how the RV lifestyle can help you feel a bit more in control of your situation.


Additionally, as international borders close, we look to local forms of entertainment and joy. RVing is an affordable way to still spend time with your family and practice social distancing. An RV alleviates your need to stay in a hotel and provides a quiet, tranquil place to work from home – wherever you want.


In this article, we are going to outline some of the benefits the RVing lifestyle provides during a time of crisis and uncertainty, how to stay entertained in a smaller space, best practices for working from home in an RV, and why RVing is still a good idea in this climate.


Should I Self-Quarantine in an RV?

Self-quarantining is a great form of social distancing, which is the most effective way we know of to lower the curve of spreading the virus. Your RV is essentially a hotel/apartment on wheels where you are in control of its cleanliness. There are a few things to consider if you are going to self-quarantine from an RV.


  1. Where to go

    Do you have a place to park your RV for at least a month, if not longer? Is the park or area you were planning on going to open during the quarantine? You need to have these questions answered before setting out so you don’t get stuck without somewhere to safely park long-term. You can see an up-to-date list of national park closures here plus which state parks are open here.


  3. What to bring

    As national guidelines state, bring enough provisions to last two weeks comfortably. You should definitely have enough prescription medication to last at least two weeks if not more. We also recommend bringing along cold and flu medicine, fluids and comfortable clothes in case someone does get sick.


  5. How long to stay

    How long you stay is up to you. The government has recommended lockdown up to April 30th. In an RV you do have the luxury to move around. But it is extremely important not to come into contact with people that are not living in the RV with you whenever possible. If you do decide to move around, please do your part to flatten the curve and avoid human contact.


Ideas for Entertainment While Self-Quarantined in an RV

RVs definitely have less space than a traditional home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find great ways to entertain yourself while living in an RV for 2 weeks. Here are some ideas, depending on the space you have:


If you have a large RV with a dining room table:

  • Start a puzzle
  • Play a game like Bananagrams
  • Start some crafts like a photo album or making a wreath


If you have a small RV:

  • Download some puzzle or word puzzle apps on your phone or iPad
  • Deep clean
  • Start a new TV series
  • Bake something new


If you have an RV with lots of space outside:

  • Go for a walk
  • Ride bikes or scooters
  • Go for a swim (if possible)
  • Grill out
  • Have a picnic
  • Ride ATVs dirt bikes if trails are open


Interested in an ATV or dirt bike? Check out the latest inventory on


How to Work from Home While Living in an RV

If you are lucky enough to have a job that allows you to work remotely via a laptop, an RV is still a great place to do so. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure you are still productive and happy while working from your RV:


  • Wear your normal work clothes instead of pajamas or sweat pants
  • Sit at a table instead of on the couch
  • Be wary of distractions like the TV, your phone or even the fridge
  • Frequently check in with colleagues
    • Check in socially as well!
  • It is important to maintain a social aspect to life while working remotely — schedule a daily 30-minute meeting to brainstorm or just talk about your life and what’s going on


Working remotely from an RV can be a little claustrophobic when you are in the same place day and night. Try to set up a ‘workspace’ no matter how small that is distinguished from your relaxing spaces in the home. This way, when it is time to log off for the day, you will feel like you can “leave the office” for the night. A common problem for people who work remotely is maintaining a work-life balance. Ironically, when work is just two steps from the bedroom, you might be inclined to work more. Be sure to set standards and boundaries for yourself so you don’t go overboard and burn out.


Why Self-Quarantining in an RV Can Be Beneficial

If you, like many others, have chosen to self-quarantine in order to protect yourselves and to protect those at high risk of contracting and being seriously affected by COVID-19, an RV can be a great option. You can still move around (when permitted) and safely travel the US without staying in hotels or needing to eat out at restaurants. You can also go to any city or state with all your belongings and comforts of home with you if you would like to go somewhere less populated.


Self-quarantining in an RV is just as safe and comfortable as self-quarantining in a house or apartment. The biggest benefit is the direct access to the outdoors and expansive parks and forests. Be sure to stay safe and follow your regional mandates and government-issued guidelines.


Why Investing in an RV Might Be a Good Idea Right Now

It might seem like your dream of owning an RV is out of reach considering the uncertainty in the world right now, but actually it might be one of the best times to invest in an RV. Many RV dealerships are still open and willing to help customers however they can. RV businesses are considered essential in some states. This means you can still have service performed on your RV, so you don’t need to worry about breaking down or getting stuck.


Dealers are adapting to the times and becoming savvier at helping consumers shop online and over the phone. With at your fingertips, you can look at hundreds of RVs available in your local area and then talk to a dealer over the phone to get any questions answered.


We Have a Lot to be Grateful for Right Now

All in all, we have a lot to be grateful for right now. Most of us have access to running water, heat and air conditioning, food, and healthcare. Let’s take a step back and think about this trying period of time as just that — a period of time. Like all things, this too shall pass and life will return to what we consider normal. Whether you are living or traveling in an RV or in a home or car, please be extremely cautious with your actions. We each need to do our part to flatten the curve and get through it as quickly as possible. And let’s not forget to thank those who are risking their health and lives on a daily basis to care and provide for us like healthcare workers, grocery stores, gas stations, sanitation crews, police departments and more. Thank you!


Stay Safe and Know We Are Here to Support You

Rollick is committed to ensuring your safety and health, while also providing a flexible and easy-to-use online option for shoppers. We understand the gravity of this situation and want to express our deepest concern for our customers, dealers, and clients.


Together, we will get through this difficult time. Rollick is here to help in any way we can to make sure your experience with purchasing a recreation product is as seamless as possible. To read more about our response to COVID-19, click here.


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