The Best Motorcycle Accessories

The Best Motorcycle Accessories (2021)

Written by Carolyn Jackson

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The wind in your hair, the sun on your face, the squeak of a leather jacket — nothing beats the feeling of cruising down a windy road on your bike. No matter what type of motorcycle you have, we all know that feeling from a scooter to a chopper. We also know that to get the most out of each ride, some much-needed accessories can make all the difference. 


In this article, we’ll review our list of the best motorcycle accessories for 2021, ranging from practical necessities to some of the items that purely add joy. Ready to rev?


Key Takeaways:

  • Motorcycle accessories can enhance the longevity and health of your motorcycle
  • Motorcycle accessories can be practical or just add fun to your rides
  • Accessories can range in price from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars
  • At the end of the day, which accessories you choose are entirely up to your needs and interests


Top Motorcycle Accessories for 2021


1. Best Motorcycle Face Shield: AGV AGVisor LCD Face Shield

AGV AGVisor LCD Face Shield - Motorcycle Accessories

Cost: $280


This cool gadget is great for days when the weather can’t seem to make up its mind. Like transition lenses, this face-shield can toggle between multiple light settings with the touch of a button. These lenses are battery-operated and have a lifespan of 12 hours. When the battery runs out, the lenses automatically revert to the lightest tint mode, so you never get stuck with an unsafe view of the road when it starts to dim outside. The AGV AGVisor LCD Face Shield fits the AGV Corsa, Corsa R, Pista GP, Pista GP R, GT Veloce, and Veloce S Helmets. 


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2. Best Motorcycle Wireless Charger: SoEasyRider Wireless Charger

SoEasyRider Wireless Charger - Motorcycle Accessories


Cost: $180


Going on a long road trip? Most of us rely on our smartphones, especially when we are out driving. We use them for GPS, directions, music, communication, research, payment, and much more. For that reason, traveling without access to a USB port for charging a phone can get frustrating. Although many bikes include some sort of charging port, this SoEasyRider Wireless Charger is one to consider. Not only does it protect your phone and provide a great and ergonomic mount for many motorcycle handlebars, it flawlessly integrates with any phone and automatically charges your phone while in the case. The case is waterproof and see-through so that you can utilize it as your ride for directions or music. It works for phones of any size up to 6.3”. 


3. Best Motorcycle Helmet: Shoei Men’s Rf-1200 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Shoei Men's Rf-1200 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet - Motorcycle Accessories


Cost: $400


A helmet is priority number one for any motorcyclists’ accessories list. This full-face helmet is highly rated in comfort, technology, safety, and wearability. This helmet is on the high-end side, which is noticeable by its $400 price tag. The helmet is perfect for a slew of riding conditions, working well for off-roading, cruising, long-hauls, and daily wear. The most notable quality of the Shoei RF-1200 is its comfort. The interior lining is hypoallergenic and removable, and washable. It is also extremely light-weight and does wonders for reducing wind noise. 


4. Best Earbuds for Motorcycles: Earpeace Moto Ear Plugs

Earpeace Moto Ear Plugs - Motorcycle Accessories

Cost: $25


Motorcycles are loud. Whether it’s the sounds of the motorcycle itself, the wind zipping across your ears, or freeway sounds, the loud sounds can damage your ears permanently, especially if you are frequently riding. Some motorists have opted for traditional earplugs to remedy this problem. Still, you lose the sensory and situational awareness that comes with hearing your surroundings, which is essential for safety. Earpeace has cleverly and creatively solved this issue with their noise-canceling filter technology that eliminates ambient wind and engine sounds while still letting the road’s important sounds come through. 


The earplugs are made from medical-grade silicone and come in a small, portable, attractive aluminum carrying case. The set also comes with three plugs and three filters of varying levels of protection. The plugs work well with a helmet or without. The plugs have over 1300 reviews, with an average of 5 stars. 


5. Best Motorcycle Backpack: The Mach 5 — OGIO

The Mach 5 — OGIO - - Motorcycle Accessories


Cost: $200

A good backpack is a staple accessory for any motorcyclist. Some motorcycles do not have any storage options, and others just do not have enough waterproof or conducive for valuable items such as laptops. OGIO is one of the best names in the backpack market. They create lots of different backpack styles and other bags and have hundreds of 5-star reviews. The Mach 5 is one of the best motorcycle backpacks due to its aerodynamic design and quick-release straps. The Mach 5 is completely waterproof and can fit up to a 15” laptop plus all other essentials. The back is padded for comfort and is extremely lightweight, making it perfect for long rides or daily use. 


6. Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock: HelmetLok II Helmet Lock

HelmetLok II Helmet Lock - Motorcycle Accessories


Cost: $23

Helmets are essential, but they can be a nuisance to carry around with you after you’ve parked your bike. There’s no great way to leave your helmet on your bike without worrying about someone swiping it, and carrying it with you is impractical and consuming. The HelmetLok II provides an intuitive solution for this issue by providing a way to safely leave your helmet with your bike when it is unattended. The simple carabiner-like solution utilizes a 4-digit code that locks through the helmet’s D-ring. The lock is exceptionally crafted to resist grinders, hacksaws, and severe weather conditions. 


7. Klim AI-1 (Smart/Wireless) Airbag Vest

Klim AI-1 Smart+Wireless Airbag Vest - Motorcycle Accessories


Cost: $400


Now, this is an accessory. Not a common one you would see every day, but we are sure glad someone decided to create this gadget. Finally priced at an attainable range, these vests are a blessing for the motorcycle community. Klim’s Ai-1 Airbag Vest is a wireless airbag that can be worn as a vest underneath any jacket, providing excellent safety and protection for riders. The vest is designed to detect signs of a crash and deploy a charge that inflates the vest in 60 milliseconds or less. The Ai-1 is battery-powered, and each charge lasts 20 hours. This is one of the more expensive items on our list, but the benefit of the protection it provides is well worth the investment. 


8. Best Motorcycle GPS: Trail Tech Voyager Pro GPS Kit

Trail Tech Voyager Pro GPS Kit - Motorcycle Accessories


Cost: $600


Need to navigate the trails? Trail Tech is a respected and reputable brand in the motorcycle industry. Real-world experiences and riders inform Their products. The Voyager Pro GPS Kit is designed for off-road excursions, showcased by its rugged durability. The Voyager Pro has a 4” glove-friendly full-color touchscreen. It is battery-powered and comes pre-loaded with North American maps. The GPS can also record your routes, or you can choose from a library of pre-set rides from other users. It also can track speed and elevation. Another cool feature is the ability to “follow” other riders who also use the same GPS kit. The Voyager also comes equipped with an emergency button that notifies emergency services when pressed. The unit comes with a mounting kit for your motorcycle, so it is secured and hands-free. There is also the option to integrate the device directly with your bike so that the Voyager display can show RPM, voltage, speed, and engine temperature. 


9. Best Motorcycle Chain Lube: Scottoiler E-System Electronic Moto Chain Oiler

Scottoiler E-System Electronic Moto Chain Oiler - Motorcycle Accessories


Cost: $350


This is a cool one. We all know that chain maintenance is equally important as it is a hassle. This handy gadget has a great solution to chain maintenance. The Scottoiler E-System Electronic Moto Chain Oiler automatically oils your chain at the touch of a button as it continues to provide the proper amount of lubrication to your chain as your ride. This ensures your chain is always perfectly oiled without any work needed from you. This device comes with a digital display that mounts near the bike’s handlebars and displays the current temperatures and oil-dispersion levels. It automatically calibrates how much oil needs to be delivered to the chain at any given time. Don’t forget that the chain still needs regular cleaning and adjusting as well as oiling! 


10. Best Motorcycle Shoes: Roame Zero Riding Shoes

Roame Zero Riding Shoes - Motorcycle Accessories


Cost: $300


These are a cool, modern pair of motorcycle riding shoes that combine practicality and style effortlessly. They can carry you from safely riding a bike to attending any event looking primed and ready to go. The shoes have a D30 armor-back ankle protection and a double velcro strap to allow for an adjustable fit. The toe also dawns on D30 armor. The leather is scratch-resistant, so these shoes will stay looking sharp for years to come. One extremely cool feature of the Roame Zero Riding Shoes is integrating red and yellow LED lights in the shoe’s sole. These lights sync to the motorcycle via Bluetooth and coordinate with the bike’s braking and turn signal systems. This is not only super cool but also an added safety feature. 


11. EatSleepRIDE Crashlight Service/App

EatSleepRIDE Crashlight Service-App - Motorcycle Accessories


Cost: $15/month

You can purchase the EatSleepRIDE Crashlight service as an app for your smartphone. This app uses your phone’s built-in sensors to detect if a crash occurs on a motorcycle. If the rider is unresponsive, the smartphone’s location is automatically sent to a predetermined emergency service. Crashlight is a worthy investment considering it has already saved lives since its launch. This will cost you a little less than 5 cents a day. As an additional benefit, the app also tracks all your rides, routes, times, speed, elevation, and lean angle. You can also utilize the built-in Crashlight community services to share your rides and experiences and learn from other riders in your area. 


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