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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Golf Cart


If you are thinking about buying your very own golf cart, you’ve made it to the right place. We go over everything you might need to know before walking into a dealership to purchase one of these fun and useful vehicles. In the following article, we will answer questions like, what are the top golf cart manufacturers, how much does a golf cart cost, and where do I buy a golf cart. So let’s get started and get you one step closer to your dream cart.

What is a Golf Cart?

What is a Golf Cart
A golf cart is a small motorized vehicle meant to carry people, golf clubs or equipment from point A to point B.
With this in mind, a golf cart can be much more than just a vehicle to hold your golf clubs and make a 4-hour sport a little easier (and more fun). Golf carts have become diverse, multi-purpose vehicles for all sorts of people and jobs. They are a great fit for landscapers, college campuses, hospitals, farms, country clubs, small communities and much more. Whatever you need a golf cart for, there are tons of options out there for you to choose from. This article will help you figure out which type of golf cart will work best for you, and how to make sure that buying a golf cart is a positive, fun experience.

What Types of Golf Carts are There?

You can categorize the different types of golf carts in three ways:

  • Gas or Electric
  • 2-seater, 4-seater, or 6-seater
  • Golf, personal, work

Each of these categories is a selection that you can make when purchasing a golf cart. You can have an electric 6-seater golf cart used for work or you can have a 2-seater gas golf cart used for personal use. Unlike ATVs or Jet Skis, golf carts do not typically come in sport, performance, or lite categories.

What are the Top Golf Cart Manufacturers?

There are three main golf cart manufacturers that have stood the test of time:

  • Club Car
  • EZGO
  • Yamaha


Club Car Golf Carts

Club Car golf carts have been around for over 60 years. Club Car golf carts are known for their quality. They usually come with the higher end and innovative features standard. Club Cars offer 2, 4, 6 and 8 seater carts and produce both electric and gas carts.

EZGO Golf Carts

EZGO golf carts are also a long-lasting brand that started manufacturing golf carts in 1954. EZGOs are known for their durability with the signature steel frame. Other than golf carts, EZGO specializes in personal transportation and utility vehicles. EZGOs are also easy to maintain and offer a plethora of after-market upgrade accessories and options.

Yamaha Golf Carts

Yamaha is known as one of the most reliable manufacturers around. Entering the golf cart marketing in 1979, Yamaha produces some of the most trusted and highly praised golf carts available.

What are the Most Popular Golf Cart Models?


  1. Club Car Carryall 300
  • Fuel Capacity: 5.5 Gal
  • Top Speed: 17 MPH
  • Seats 2
  • Gas or Electric
  • MSRP: $8,056


  1. Club Car Villager 2
  • Fuel Capacity: N/A – 30 miles on one charge
  • Top Speed: 24 MPH
  • Seats 2
  • Electric
  • MSRP: $9,856


  1. Yamaha Adventurer Super Hauler
  • Fuel Capacity: 5.8 Gal
  • Top Speed: 15 MPH
  • Seats 2
  • Gas or Electric
  • MSRP: $10,999


  1. Yamaha Drive 2 PTV
  • Fuel Capacity: 5.8 Gal
  • Top Speed: 19 MPH
  • Seats 2
  • Gas or Electric
  • MSRP: $7,999


  1. EZ-GO Express S4
  • Fuel Capacity: 5.8 Gal
  • Top Speed: 17 MPH
  • Seats 4
  • Gas or Electric
  • MSRP: $9,999


  1. EZ-GO Express L6
  • Fuel Capacity: 5.8 Gal
  • Top Speed: 16 MPH
  • Seats 6
  • Gas or Electric
  • MSRP: $11,570


How Much Does a Golf Cart Cost?

golf cart cost
On average, most golf carts will cost between $8,000 and $9,000. However, some golf carts can be priced as low as the $2,500/$3,000 range and some luxury golf carts can be priced at over $20,000. It depends if you’re shopping for a new golf cart or a used golf cart.
New golf carts you can expect to pay over $7,000. Used golf carts you can expect to pay $1,000 to $5,000.
To find out about the price difference and pros and cons of buying a new vs. a used golf cart, head on over to our article on how much is a golf cart. You’ll find exact pricing on current and older models on the market right now!

What Do I Need to Know Before I Buy a Golf Cart?

The most important things to consider before purchasing a golf cart are what you need a golf cart for and what type of golf cart you want.
Ask yourself some of these questions before buying:

  • What will I do with my golf cart?
  • How much weight does it need to carry?
  • How many seats do I need?
  • What type of terrain will I drive my golf cart on?
  • Does my golf cart need to be street legal? / Will I drive my golf cart on the road?
  • Do I want Gas or Electric?


New Vs. Used Golf Carts

golf cart new or used?

Pros of New

  • Customization is available to make the cart exactly how you want it
  • Warranty
  • Reliable and little to no maintenance

Cons of New

  • Come at a higher purchase price
  • Depreciate as soon as purchased
Pros of Used

  • Cheaper than new
  • Can have post-market upgrades
  • More inventory to choose from

Cons of Used

  • Can have some issues
  • Potentially less appealing physically
  • Can require more maintenance

golf cart pros and cons

Gas vs Electric Golf Cart: Which is Better?

golf cart gas vs. electric
Both gas and electric golf carts are great options and deciding which option is better for you comes down to personal preference. Both options will require some maintenance. The main difference is that with an electric golf cart you will have to replace the battery every 5 to 7 years and with a gas golf cart, you will need to have oil changes, belt changes and pay for fuel and filters. Therefore on average, the electric golf cart is more expensive, but the cost difference is manageable.


The maintenance on a gas golf cart may be required annually or every 2-3 years. Gas golf carts have more power so they can haul more weight and climb higher inclines. Probably the biggest benefit of a gas golf cart is that they can run for significantly longer on one tank of gas than an electric cart can run on one charge. In addition to the increased maintenance, the drawbacks are the noise and smell of gas and fumes and gas is more expensive than electricity.
See available gas golf carts for sale at GoRollick.com.


Electric golf carts are appealing due to their low maintenance costs and requirements. Electric golf cart batteries are usually changed every 5 years so or and cost approximately $400, but there are typically no annual servicing costs for an electric golf cart. Although maintenance on a golf cart is always recommended no matter which type! Electric golf carts need to be charged in order to run. Electric golf carts are cost-effective, environmentally friendly, low maintenance and quiet, but they have a significantly shorter range per charge than gas carts. They also lack the horsepower that a gas golf cart has, making them ideal for, well, golf, and activities like cruising around a neighborhood or campus.
See available electric golf carts for sale at GoRollick.com.

Where Do I Buy a Golf Cart?

You can search for used golf carts in a variety of places online:

Just like cars, motorcycles and RVs, new golf carts are sold through franchised golf cart dealers. Simply head to google and search golf cart dealers in your area. Remember, most dealers will only sell one brand, so consider deciding which brand you want to purchase before visiting a dealership.
Now that you have a better idea of all the types of golf carts that are out there and the benefits of owning one, you probably have a better idea of what brands and models you might want to look into. If you are feeling ready to search inventory, we recommend you start with GoRollick’s nationwide network of new and used inventory.
GoRollick works with the best dealers in the country who are dedicated to price transparency and a great buying experience. With GoRollick you can get an upfront price and a special offer on your next golf cart, plus savings on after-purchase products. Then when you’re ready, you can shop at one of our Certified Dealers. GoRollick also ensures that you get access to all available manufacturer incentives. If you’re curious about what’s currently available, you can check out our incentives page here.

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Can I Finance a Golf Cart?

Although golf carts are one of the more affordable four-wheeled vehicles you can buy, that doesn’t mean you necessarily have $5K to $10K just lying around. Fortunately, financing is definitely available when you purchase a new golf cart. You will probably have the most luck financing through the manufacturer of the golf cart you are purchasing. Assuming you have good credit, this will definitely have the best rates and be easiest.
For more information on getting a loan on a golf cart, check out our Definitive Guide to Financing a Golf Cart. If you are worried about your credit, you still have options. Read our Guide to Getting a Loan with Bad Credit for some helpful information.

Do I Need Insurance for My Golf Cart?

golf cart insurance
Insurance on a golf cart varies from state to state. For example, Arizona requires all golf cart owners to insure their vehicles if they are used on the road. Go to your state’s DOT page to find out their requirements for insurance on vehicles like a golf cart.
Of course, we always recommend insurance to cover property damage, bodily injury, and collision damage. Accidents do happen and there are always risk involved with a motorized vehicle, so it is better to be safe.
To learn more about what to expect when insuring a golf cart, head on over to insurance.com, they cover everything from which states require insurance to how much it might cost you to insure a golf cart.

Looking for an insurance quote? Get a quote with Progressive, a leader in golf cart insurance.
*This is a sponsored placement by Progressive Insurance.


Do I Need a License to Drive a Golf Cart?

Just like golf cart insurance requirements, legally driving a golf cart on public roads varies state by state. Some states allow golf carts on public roads and some do not. If a golf cart is allowed on a public road, registration and liability insurance is typically required as well.
Most states set a minimum driving age to drive a golf cart. In most states, you need to be either 13 or 14 to legally drive a golf cart on public property. Each state has its own rules and regulations for driving a golf cart, so make sure to look at the laws for your state before getting on the road.
Knowing this, a license is not required to drive a golf cart on public property. Just follow the laws and requirements for your specific state and municipality so that you are safe. Golf Cart Resource details the state laws and regulations for golf carts in each state. Give it a look to see the specifics for your area.

Can I Drive My Golf Cart on the Road?

Street legal carts require a windshield, headlights and taillights, a horn, turn signals, seat belts, and a valid license plate. For more info on State Laws, check out our dedicated map to find your state.


The best part about golf carts is how versatile they are. There are so many types, variations, modifications, and uses for golf carts. You will definitely find one that fits your needs perfectly with the amount of variety available. Golf carts are a fun, affordable, and extremely practical option for work and for play. If you are thinking about purchasing a new or used golf cart, start your search with GoRollick to view up-to-date dealer inventory online and in one place.

GoRollick Buying Experience

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