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Top 10 RV Games to Play on the Road with your Family

Written by Jordan Stokes.
Road trips are one of the best ways to spend quality time with your family and get away from the distractions and stresses of your everyday routine.

Make your road trip just as fun as your destination! From iSpy to counting cows, keep the whole family busy with these top 10 games to play on the road.
While you may prefer to read, nap, or play on your phone or tablet on a road trip, make the most of your time with your family by playing games!

  1. iSpy

There’s nothing like playing a good old classic game of iSpy. In case you need to brush up on your memory, here’s how the game works:
To play iSpy, the first player starts by saying ‘I spy with my little eye something that…’ and then briefly describes the object without actually naming it. For example, if you pick a bird, you could say, ‘I spy with my little eye something that can fly’.
Try using descriptions such as what the object can do, the color, etc. You should also make sure you pick something that people can actually find. It’s a little harder to guess an object you saw a few miles back.

Pro Tip: If you want to make it easier for the little ones, you could start with things that are inside your car or RV.


  1. Alphabet Game

Another classic RV driving game for the road — but you have to know your ABC’s for this one! Here’s how to play:
Start by picking a category such as animals, food, famous people, or U.S. cities. Next, beginning with the letter A, the first player must name an object from that category. The next player does the same with an object that begins with B, and so on until you get to the letter Z.
In order to make the game more challenging, you can have each player recite the objects before their letter so that as the game progresses, players have to recall all objects listed from A to Z. Keep it going and make them recite it backwards from Z-A! Keep playing until someone cannot think of a word.

  1. License Plate Game

Easy, simple, and fun! See if you can find a license plate from every state while you’re on the road! Mix it up and make it more challenging by focusing on the make, model, or colors of the vehicles, and more.

Pro Tip: The best way to keep track of your license plates is to print a map of the U.S. and cross off or color in states as you go.  


  1. Categories

Pick a category such as places, foods, celebrities, song titles, and more. The first player starts the game off by naming something in that category. The next player names something in the same category that starts with the last letter of the first player’s item.
Players are eliminated if they cannot come up with a word in that category. The winner is the last one standing. Remember, repeat words are not allowed!

Pro Tip: Make it more challenging and set time limit each player has to say their word.


  1. Puzzles / Activity Books

Activity books can keep anyone busy for hours. Find books with mad libs, tic tac toe, crossword puzzles, word searches, and even pack some coloring books for the long ride!

  1. Counting Cows

If you’re taking a long road trip, chances are you might be driving through the country, and we have a game just for you! Counting cows is just as it sounds, but if you need instructions, here’s how to play:
Players count the number of cows they see on their side of the car or RV. The side with the most cows at the end of the road trip wins. If you pass a cemetary you have to start over and if you pass a read barn you can double your count.

Pro Tip: It doesn’t have to be just cows. Feel free to count any animals you’d like! You can also play this game by counting the certain amount of cars of a certain color, road signs, etc. and make up your own rules. For example, if you pass a yellow car, you lose your number and have to start over.  


  1. 20 questions

There are several ways to play this classic game. The most popular? One person chooses an object and the others can ask 20 descriptive questions in order to try to guess what it is. Make sure you are choosing objects people can actually guess, and make sure you are being honest with your answers.

Pro Tip: You can choose a category at the beginning of the game to narrow the scope and make the guessing a bit easier. Feel free to also limit it to 5-10 questions, but 20 is the game!    


  1. Hangman

Bring along some paper and a pencil for this one! Hangman is a great game to play with kids, as it can help them learn more words and practice their spelling. Here’s how to play:
One player chooses a word and uses a pencil and a piece of paper to keep track of the guesses. Other players guess what the word is one letter at a time. If the word contains the letter, it is written in the correct place. If not, the first player draws a head on the hangman and keeps track of the incorrect guesses. When enough incorrect letters have been guessed, the hanging body is complete and the guessers lose. If the guessers solve the word before the body is complete, they win.
You can also find free hangman templates online to bring along with you!

  1. Car Bingo

This one is going to take some preparation ahead of time, as you can’t play bingo without cards and bingo chips! You’ll also need some paper and pencils for this one. Here’s how to play bingo on the road:
Make sure each player has a pencil and a sheet of paper (or bingo card). The cards can be premade with images of things you might see for the little ones. If you just have paper, you can use the name of random states in rows of five across and five down like a bingo card. Each player has his or her own bingo card to work from and searches for vehicles with the states on their card. First person to get a full row across, down, or diagonal calls bingo and wins the game.
Use your loose car change as bingo chips.

Pro Tip: Remember that each card should be marked differently. You can also swap out license plates for road signs, the make or model of vehicles, animals, and more.

  1. Scavenger Hunt

Set up a scavenger hunt before you hit the road with things you are likely to see. You can stick to one category such as cars, road signs, or animals, or mix it up and make it more challenging. First one to successfully complete the scavenger hunt and finds everything on their list wins.
Try to establish rules for these games before you play them, especially since you are playing them in the car! You can also play your own DIY versions of your favorite games, just make sure to mobilize them for the road!
You should also pack games like frisbee, football, and more games that you can play at rest stops so you can get out, stretch your legs, and continue the family fun!
With these ten games to play with family when road tripping, you won’t have to worry about the constant ‘are we there yet’s?’ from your kids.
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