Powersports and RV Dealers Boost Sales and Gain Loyal Customers Through Military Discount Programs

Powersports and RV dealers are gaining loyal customers for life by honoring the military and offering active-duty service members, military spouses, and veterans military discounts and access to rewards programs.
Military families represent a huge community of over 40 million Americans, which yields a huge market for spending in both the powersports and recreational vehicle (RV) industries.
Today, powersport and RV dealers are delivering a superior digital buying experience and providing a more personalized and open shopping experience for military consumers. By honoring the Armed Services in this way, they are building customer loyalty, a pillar for success in any sales market.

Customer Loyalty: The Military Market and its Shopping Behaviors

When they need something you offer, loyal customers will give you the first chance to earn their business, and with over 40 million Americans in the military community, brands and businesses simply can’t turn a blind eye to this huge market.
While many customers aren’t particularly loyal to any one brand, they are loyal to what the brand stands for (that includes discount programs!). According to an ID.me survey, a military discount program is a successful way to build brand loyalty, especially with the military community. Take a look at what they found:

  • 84% of military consumers will buy from a brand or business year-round if it offers them a special discount
  • 95% of military consumers will choose a brand or business that offers a discount over one that doesn’t

Like any consumer, military consumers are interested in leveraging discounts, and they’re not just telling their families. They’re telling all of their friends.

Customer Loyalty Beyond the Military Community

By targeting this key demographic and offering military discounts as a way to honor those who have served, dealers aren’t just improving their image in the eye’s of military consumers, but for all consumers. Active-military, veteran, or not, everyone loves to see and support those who honor and appreciate the strong men and women who fight and have fought for our country.
A survey done by sheerid.com reported:

  • 71% of consumers are more loyal to companies that offer military-specific discounts
  • 63% of consumers will recommend brands that honor military discounts to their friends and family members, even if their loved ones can’t take advantage of the military offer

Not only that, but these consumers were also likely to recommend brands, services, and businesses to others, which goes to show just how crucial it is to reach this massive market. In fact, this type of word-of-mouth marketing typically results in five times more sales than a paid media impression and people are 90% more likely to trust and buy from a brand recommended by a friend or family member.
These trends prove that continuing to offer these programs to military families drives customer loyalty, which in turn, can give brands and businesses customers for life.
Infographic for the benefits of military discount programs for powersports and RV dealers

Customer Loyalty in the Military Community

Did you know it costs five times as much to attract a new customer than it does to keep an existing one?
The military community is full of loyal shoppers, and they are out there searching for the best. In fact, military families typically have a 35% higher income than the national average, allowing them to spend more. Almost half of active duty service members intend to buy high-ticket items, such as houses, cars, recreational vehicles, and powersports toys once they retire the uniform. They will also use financing services and insurances in the process, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t looking for discounts and value prices.
Currently, 68% of military families take advantage of military discounts, and 75% of them say they’d use them way more often if they were available online. Powersports and RV dealers are following these trends, meeting consumers’ expectations, and appealing to military buyers by giving them a superior shopping experience online just like one they would have in-store. This helps build customer loyalty and in turn, boosts sales.
Statistics show that increasing customer retention rates by as little as 5% can increase profits by 25% up to 95%, which proves how powersports and RV dealers are raking in sales and gaining loyal customers like wildfire.
With facts like this, powersports and RV dealers are jumping on opportunities to increase customer retention, especially for the military community. Providing discounts and access to rewards programs to active-duty service members, military spouses, and veterans is not only a great way to honor the armed services and increase customer retention, but it’s also the right thing to do. The military community yields such a large market for spending, and by offering them military discount programs, powersports and RV dealers are boosting sales and gaining loyal customers for life.
Rollick is a company who strives to build loyal customer, dealer, and manufacturer relationships by increasing customer retention through their Rollick Affinity network. This network allows them to create a superior buying and selling experience for powersports and RV consumers, especially those in the military market.
For Rollick, offering military discounts and programs requires a verification process to verify active and veteran personnel on the dealer’s site, as well partnerships with marketing agencies associated with military bases to drive awareness for the programs and benefits available.

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