Rollick and AVALA Come Together and Re-Brand as Rollick, Inc.


The Combined Organization Offers End-to-End Customer Lifecycle Solutions for the Recreation and Industrial Verticals

Austin, Texas, August 14, 2019 — Rollick, a marketing technology solutions provider and vehicle buying program for the recreation and industrial equipment industries, acquired AVALA Marketing Group last October and will now become one branded organization known as Rollick.
Rollick’s mission is to provide a seamless customer experience from pre-purchase through re-purchase by helping manufacturers, dealers and affinity partners connect with their customers through an ecosystem of marketing and technology solutions, and the new combined brand will fully reflect this goal.
The Rollick rebranding decision was made to create a unified infrastructure of technology and marketing solutions that will better serve consumers, OEMs and dealers in the recreation and industrial industries.
“Our new Rollick branding with AVALA allows us to connect and measure key aspects of the buying and ownership journey, starting from brand awareness and culminating with the ownership experience,” said Rollick President Amit Maheshwari. “The iconography used in the logo’s ‘O’ is designed to represent the suite of integrated technology solutions we use to enhance the sales and marketing process for our OEMs, certified dealers, and affinity partners.”
In addition to the corporate Rollick rebranding, the Aimbase marketing platform, which was AVALA’s flagship marketing solution for OEMs, along with the SalesDriver Dealer Solution and GoRollick Vehicle Buying Program, also received new identities to reflect the new brand architecture. All customer-facing technology platforms will receive a new user experience and design in 2020 to provide Rollick customers with the best experience.
“Since the acquisition of AVALA, we’ve invested heavily into the product development and integration of the Aimbase, SalesDriver and GoRollick platforms,” said Maheshwari. “Beyond brand and product integration, the combined Rollick is fueled by a unified, innovative and customer-focused organization that builds upon the best of both AVALA and Rollick.”
To learn more about the combined Rollick and to see an initial release of the Rollick website, visit
About Rollick, Inc.
Rollick connects manufacturers, dealers and in-market consumers in the powersports, RV, marine and industrial equipment industries to deliver a seamless customer journey. Rollick’s solutions include new customer acquisition, enterprise lead management, customer experience/loyalty and marketing automation. In addition, the company has rapidly built a national outdoor recreational vehicle buying network to include hundreds of dealers, over 80 manufacturers and an affinity partner network with access to over 150 million high-quality customers including policy holders of major insurance providers, employees at more than 2,000 top U.S. companies, members of the military, veterans and first responders. For more information, visit the all new Rollick.

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