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SalesDriver is an outdoor vehicle buying program that enables dealers to increase sales and build customer loyalty through partnerships with America’s favorite brands.


We enable an efficient and straightforward buying experience that connects today’s buyers with dealers of outdoor recreation vehicles.




Why SalesDriver


Our program and technology help RV, powersports and marine dealers in four ways:



Key Features of SalesDriver


GoRollick Leads


Rollick markets your inventory to our partner network (GoRollick) representing millions of members, customers, and employees of America’s most trusted brands.


Website Offers


Use the power of Rollick’s trusted partner brands on your website. Increase leads and sales by showing service, parts and vehicle offers Sam’s Club, AAA, Insurance Companies, National Employers, Military, and First Responders personnel




RollickLens allows dealers to track prospect activity before, during, and after they express interest in your inventory – wherever they might be: on our GoRollick network sites, on your website or certain other 3rd party sites. Know more about your customer’s journey during the sales process.


OEM Incentives


Easily apply available OEM incentives to specific vehicles, at the VIN, trim, and stock level. Rollick’s logic-based incentive platform allows you to find and calculate incentives when advertising inventory and communicating with customers.





Response and Quoting


With Rollick, you can respond to leads quickly and easily with the ability to produce professionally designed price quotes within minutes. Leverage the power of our national partner brands to establish trust and increase close ratios in your sales process.


Hot Lead


Let Rollick make your sales day a little easier and more efficient. Using proprietary technology, we score and classify leads as “Hot Leads”. Scoring factors include site activity, email activity, time-to-purchase, and concierge conversations.


Email Re-Marketing


When potential customers view offers, request a quote or verify their membership on your website, SalesDriver automatically sends follow-up emails to keep prospects engaged in the buying process.


Concierge Call Center


Don't let sales opportunities pass you by! Rollick’s trained representatives call Rollick leads on your dealership’s behalf to help increase appointments at your store. Increase sales and satisfaction with the help of our concierge center.



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