Introducing, RollickDR. The Powersports, RV, and Marine industry’s first digital retailing solution geared towards transforming how dealers and manufacturers engage with consumers online. 

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Create a Better Buying Experience with RollickDR


With RollickDR, dealers and OEMs can consolidate all of their customer acquisition activities in one simple solution, while creating an exceptional buying experience for their customers. Rollick has found that: 

  • Leads entering through the digital retailing experience have up to a 50% better close rate compared to standard web form leads 

  • Dealers are experiencing an 87% increase in their lead submission rate

  • Leads that pass pre-qualification through RollickDR close at 2.4x compared to other leads

  • One of the most popular features within the digital retailing experience is the “Special Offers” feature, with nearly 50% of consumers searching for member offers and incentives  

Data based on Rollick's May 2021 internal analysis - Actual results may vary by dealership.





Digital Retailing Features  



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“A dealer or manufacturer website is the most important marketing tool to engage buyers. Our digital retailing solution provides a consolidated tool to help consumers gather detailed transaction information about a potential purchase and when ready, provide all of the researched information to the dealer,” said Bernie Brenner, Chief Executive Officer at Rollick.