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Dealer Rapid Response Guide


The dealer-consumer relationship generally starts as an online lead. A simple point of contact, initiated by the consumer, which tells the dealer they are interested in receiving relevant information about specific vehicles on your website. This is your first opportunity to set your dealership apart, gain the consumer’s trust, respect, and start building a relationship.


Unfortunately, according to Rollick research, only 57% of dealers followed up after initial contact by the consumer. This means a whopping 43% of dealers are not following up when they receive a new online lead.


But let's assume that you are diligent in your responses to potential customers. What if we told you that you can increase your customer contact rate by 30% by responding to inbound leads within minutes? Leveraging some simple communication approaches and technology, such as texting, calling, and price quoting, you can gain a competitive advantage over other dealers selling in your local market.