A Guide to Marketing During COVID-19


In the time of COVID-19, we are facing unprecedented challenges as marketers and as human beings. And though it may seem easy to panic and consider all the worst “what-if” scenarios, there are productive and healthy ways we can spend this time connecting with new and existing customers, bettering our online presence, and creating solid brand recognition. 


So what can we, as marketers, do during this time with so many unknowns? We can focus on what we DO know and CAN control. 


Stay Positive and Have Purpose


Every day, remember, that things are getting better. We have proof in China, people are recovering every day and life is returning to normal. Additionally, we have seen communities and people from all walks of life coming together to help one another during this time, and that is something to celebrate. It has been a great reminder that people care about each other. And as marketers, it is important to remember that consumers prefer brands that have purpose and personality. Be sure that your brand is being supportive of your local community at this time and not tone-deaf to the situation. 


Vibe Check


Speaking of not being tone-deaf, check your messaging and imagery. At the moment, you don’t want to incite panic or seem overly-positive and unrelatable. Make sure your messaging references the situation, but in a positive light (like, how we are doing in this post!). Additionally, using images that show people at large events, at a meeting, or even in the office, probably won’t seem very relevant at the moment. If you are posting images, maybe use an image of a work from home setup, a furry friend helping you be productive, or the view out your window. 


Retain and Grow


Since everyone is working from home and can’t really socialize in person, there is a ton of time to reach out to your existing customers online. Using marketing automation technology, like Aimbase, is a cost-effective way to stay in front of your consumers, but from afar. You can schedule content in advance to stay top-of-mind with your consumers, just make sure your messaging and imagery is on-point like we mentioned above. Additionally, now is a great time to grow your audience by creating and promoting new thought leadership and digital content. Consumers are in the perfect situation to learn something new, so put on a webinar, publish a new e-book, do a live Q&A, or come up with some other creative ideas to strengthen your brand and engage new consumers. 


Engage Digitally


With physical stores and offices being shut down, digital storefronts and websites are more important than ever. If your customers can’t find your site, they won’t be able to purchase your products or services online. Now is a great time to ensure your SEO is optimized and up-to-date so you’re easily found online. Another way you can drive traffic to your site is by placing PPC (pay per click) ads. This will help you stay ahead of your competitors, who may be cutting media costs.


Be Ready


Though this time in human history seems daunting, it will not last forever and there will be a bounce-back and aftermath. Make sure you are ready! Keep prepping your customers for when things are better and they are ready to emerge from their homes and engage in personal interaction and shopping behavior. Keep in mind, you may need to pivot based on changing consumer wants and needs, so stay up-to-date and be ready to think of new solutions to new problems.


Hopefully, this list of ideas helps you feel calm, collected, and ready to put some marketing strategies into place. If you still aren’t sure to start or need help, the talented team of marketers at Rollick are here to help. Contact us today to learn more or just pick our brains! 

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