Lead Scores Tied to Closed Sales

Have you ever wondered if a lead score is truly an indicator of a prospect's purchase intent? To find out, Rollick analyzed thousands of leads and factors that contribute to lead scores, such as web sessions and page views, time to purchase information, and appointment setting tactics across the outdoor recreation industry.


Here's what we found: 




  • Lead scores are highly correlated with prospect close rates. The higher the score, the better chance the customer will close

  • When an appoint is set by a Rollick concierge member, the close rate improves 6X

  • Close rate is 55% lower for customers greater than 30 miles away vs. within 30 miles of the dealership


Be on the lookout for Rollick Score in Aimbase or SalesDriver, which simplifies the presentation of a lead score by using a 1-5 Scale. To learn more, contact us today!


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