Now Offering Facebook Marketplace with SalesDriver

Did you know that more than 800M people discover, buy, or sell products on Facebook every month through Facebook Marketplace?

Through Rollick’s SalesDriver, your dealership can display your used inventory to members of in-market Facebook buyers and receive real appointments and concierge call support! It’s like having a virtual salesperson on call everyday!

In fact, our data shows 10% of all Facebook listing inquiries turn into appointments. That means Rollick has filtered out 90% of tire kickers delivering you only the customers ready to buy. Plus more than 80% of these shoppers indicate that they are buying within 30 days.

How does it work?

  1. Your used inventory is displayed to Facebook marketplace customers through Rollick’s inventory distribution platform
  2. Shoppers find your inventory and communicate directly with our concierge team
  3. Our concierge team qualifies the customer and sets an appointment with you. The lead is then sent to you directly through Rollick’s Management Console with a follow-up call/text to confirm the appointment request was received


We know that responding to customers quickly often determines a sale or not. With the in mind, Rollick contacts these leads within minutes and schedules appointments for your sales team on your behalf!


Through the power of Facebook and Rollick’s SalesDriver, you benefit from (1) More qualified leads (2) More sales (3) More foot traffic and (4) More awareness.

For more information on how to become a Rollick dealer or to talk to a Rollick representative, please click here to schedule a demo.   





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