Q1 2021: New Aimbase & SalesDriver Features Now Available


Rollick welcomes 2021 by announcing three major enhancements to its Aimbase Enterprise Lead Management and Marketing Automation solution.  These enhancements are timely as Manufacturers increase focus on retaining control of their customer’s buying journey and improving “lead to sale” conversion ratios by better matching prospects with dealers.

Introducing Inventory Based Routing (IBR) – Aimbase raises the lead management bar by adding in-stock/in-transit inventory-based routing to its lead qualification and routing algorithms that take proximity, brand, dealer priority and territory assignments into consideration. IBR increases customer satisfaction by matching prospects to dealers with the right unit in-stock. It also reduces brand flipping while increasing the dealer’s propensity to purchase more units for their stock (since it increases their opportunity to get more leads within a given geographical consideration).

The heavy lifting in terms of aggregating, cleansing and normalizing dealer inventory data is performed by Rollick’s Inventory Processor (RiPr). The RiPr engine can consume inventory feeds from multiple sources such as the OEM, dealer merchandising feeds, XML, JSON, FTP, spreadsheets as well as manual uploads. It then reconciles units from multiple inventory feeds and allows the dealer to fine-tune specific in-stock/in-transit units. Finally, registration data uploaded into Aimbase results in the automatic removal of sold units from inventory. Once the aggregated data is in the RiPr engine, the manufacturer can easily signup for a network wide Affinity sales program via Rollick’s GoRollick eco-system of 250M+ potential buyers. No additional heavy lifting is needed, yet the incremental brand awareness and demand generation benefits are significant!



Aimbase Contact Management Module – Covid-19 proved that during periods of peak demand, your factory concierge and dealer network’s ability to respond to and nurture leads effectively is critical to long term success. Not all leads are dealer ready and manufacturers are actively starting to qualify leads before they are routed to dealers. To help manufacturers easily connect with prospects and to maintain all customer related information in one place, Rollick is releasing the Aimbase Contact Management module in Q1, 2021! Using the Contact Management module, OEM corporate and field users can easily email, text, and log calls while managing a daily “to-do” list that includes internal comments and conversation views. All of this activity can be done without leaving Aimbase and a summary dashboard is included to help prioritize the day’s activities.

Rollick Score Now Live in the SalesDriver Response Solution
– Enhanced lead scoring logic can help both manufacturer and dealership sales reps prioritize leads that have a higher propensity to close. Lead scores can be any number between 0 and 100+ and a dealer sales rep not familiar with an OEM’s lead scoring methodologies may not fully appreciate the difference in scores. Rollick Score simplifies the lead score by converting it into an easy to understand/actionable 1-5 flame “hotness” prospect score. If a prospect is 1-2 flames, they may be a good nurture marketing candidate. If the prospect is 5 flames, it is time to contact them NOW! 



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