National to Local Marketing Solutions For OEMs


Rollick’s National to Local digital marketing solutions help OEMs in the recreation and industrial markets attract, convert and retain more customers. Supporting 80+ OEMs and thousands of dealers with an array of marketing and technology solutions, Rollick’s team of digital marketing strategists have the industry expertise to take your brand and dealers to the next level.




Aimbase Marketing Technology


Aimbase is the only marketing technology solution in the recreation and industrial equipment industries that combines enterprise lead management, marketing automation, and customer lifecycle management in ONE platform.


OEMs utilize Aimbase as their go-to solution to manage and track the entire customer journey from pre-purchase through re-purchase, measure dealer sales and quoting performance, and implement customer satisfaction programs.




Aimbase Solutions


Aimbase helps OEMs connect with their dealers and customers throughout the entire customer journey.




OEM and Dealer CRM Integrations

Aimbase offers a powerful API integration with many CRMs used in the outdoor recreation and equipment industries. OEMs can leverage Aimbase to connect with their dealers' CRMs to distribute leads, receive disposition data, and to ensure the prospect or owner is managed by the enterprise.

Supercharge Your Technology with Digital Marketing



Strategic Marketing Consulting


Technology is only as effective as the strategy behind it. Rollick partners with you to plan a digital ecosystem of strategic solutions through automating the marketing and communication process.


Targeted Incentives


Increase sales by offering OEM incentives to customers searching for products on the Vehicle Buying Program or Affinity Partner portals. Utilize this solution to provide an enhanced customer experience and persuade customers to choose your brand over a competitor’s.


Paid Media Lead Generation


From paid search and retargeting campaigns to social media advertising, our digital strategy team will develop a custom digital media plan specifically built to drive leads for your dealers and enhance brand awareness.




Owned and Earned Lead Generation


Leveraging database marketing, SEO strategy, promotions and email campaigns, see your leads steadily increase with Rollick.


Lead Conversion


Converting leads into customers is the key metric used to measure our clients’ success. Our team of strategists will ensure your website and landing pages are optimized to capture quality leads, ensure they are nurtured over a long sales cycle, and re-engaged through Rollick’s call center outreach programs.


Website Development


Build a beautiful online presence with our in-house web development team. From product builders and comparison tools to dealer locators and portals, get a customized and functional website that is designed with your target customer in mind.





Concierge Contact Engagement Programs


Our fully integrated and in-house call center follows up with leads and customers to ensure all their needs are met. Our staff is highly trained and well-versed in your product, so your customers receive the highest level of service.

Website Chat


Capture live lead data when you enable web chat on your website. Customers can instantly reach out to a certified Rollick representative to ask questions and request information.


Lead Follow Up


Provide potential customers with high quality service. A trained Rollick factory representative will initiate informed and relevant communication with high quality leads and will help set up appointments for interested leads with dealers.

Business Development Center


Never miss an opportunity with the Rollick Call Center. Trained representatives reach out to lapsed prospects or long-term owners to see if they are interested in speaking with a dealer about new products.


Post-Sale Follow Up


Follow up with people who have recently purchased a product to tell them more about the brand and the ownership experience they should expect.




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