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Can I still purchase AVALA products and services?

Absolutely. AVALA isn’t going anywhere! We will be accelerating investment in our products and services to continue to improve and better serve your needs.


Is AVALA’s focus going to change?

AVALA will remain focused on strategic positioning and marketing automation for the recreation and industrial equipment industries. Rollick will be accelerating investment in AVALA’s robust marketing solutions. We are confident that our combined efforts will uncover exciting opportunities to serve our customers even better.


Will AVALA’s current service offering change?

The combined company now offers offers OEM strategy and digital services, enterprise lead nurturing and management, affinity marketing and new customer acquisition, a digital dealer retail platform, loyalty and CSI services, and enterprise business intelligence.

Rollick now provides manufacturers and retailers in distributed dealer networks with an efficient, effective and seamless end-to-end marketing solution. The combined company offers the fair, open and connected shopping experience that modern buyers expect.

We will be contacting customers to schedule discussions around our vision for the future and welcome your feedback and suggestions.


Is Steve leaving the company?

Steve will remain with Rollick and continue to be focused on strategic initiatives and client relationships. He has been working in these industries for over 20 years, and his deep experience, insights and leadership are invaluable. He will report to Rollick founder and CEO Bernie Brenner.


Will either company be changing their names?

Both, actually! Rollick Outdoor, Inc. will change its corporate name to Rollick, Inc. and AVALA Marketing Group, Inc. will become AVALA Inc., a Rollick Company.


Should AVALA customers continue to work with the same customer support and sales representatives?

Your account managers and sales reps will remain the same. Feel free to contact them directly with any questions or concerns.

The press release announcing the acquisition is here. If there are any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@avalamarketing.com.